• Jenkins Contributor Summit

    San Francisco Marriott Marquis

    We are back with another Jenkins Contributor Summit in San Francisco. The Jenkins Contributor Summit is the place where current and future contributors gather to discuss, learn and collaborate on the latest and greatest efforts within Jenkins project. The morning portion of the summit will consist of presentations by the core contributors of those efforts. Presentations will highlight what each effort is about and what community members can do to help. In the afternoon we will break into Birds of a Feather tables for in depth discussion, and collaboration with sub-project contributors. Bring your laptop, come prepared with questions and ideas, and be ready for some hacking too. Please register (https://jenkinscontributorsummitsf.eventbrite.com) so we may plan accordingly. Agenda: 9:00 AM: Check-in, coffee/light breakfast 9:30 AM: Welcome - Tracy Miranda https://github.com/tracymiranda Officer update: * State of the project (Tyler Croy https://github.com/rtyler) * Community (Liam Newman https://github.com/bitwiseman) * Security (Daniel Beck https://github.com/daniel-beck) * Events (Alyssa Tong https://github.com/alyssat) * Shifting gears (Kohsuke Kawaguchi https://github.com/kohsuke) 10:10 AM : Sub-projects update * Jenkins Evergreen (Tyler Croy) * Jenkins X (James Strachan https://github.com/jstrachan) * Configuration as Code (Ewelina Wilkosz https://github.com/ewelinawilkosz & Nicolas de Loof https://github.com/ndeloof) * Jenkins Pipeline (Jenn Briden https://github.com/jennbriden) * Cloud Native Jenkins (Oleg Nenashevhttps://github.com/oleg-nenashev & Jesse Glick https://github.com/jglick) * State of the Jenkins Infra on Azure (Olivier Vernin) * Google Summer of Code (Oleg Nenashev) 12:30 PM - 1:00 PM: Lunch (provided) 1:00 PM: BoF * Jenkins Evergreen * Jenkins X * Configuration as Code * Jenkins Pipeline * Cloud Native Jenkins 3:00 - 3:30PM: PM break 3:30 - 4:30 PM: Ignite talks 4:30 PM: Close We are hosting this event alongside DevOps World-Jenkins World SF (https://www.cloudbees.com/devops-world/san-francisco). The conference organizers are offering 20% discount if you use JWATONG code at registration.

  • Jenkins World 2017 Contributor Summit

    San Francisco Marriott Marquis

    Room location: Golden Gate Ballroom A Let's talk about the future of Jenkins and how you can help shape it! The contributor summit is the place where the current and future contributors of the Jenkins project get together. This year, the theme is “working together”. Traditionally, most contributors are plugin maintainers focusing on their own plugins, but it’s important to look at Jenkins as a whole, because that’s how users experience it. There is more to the project beyond writing plugins, and even for plugin developers, there are increasing number of common libraries and modules that plugins should rely on. In short, we should work better together. A few contributors will prepare some presentations to help clarify what that means, and what all of us can do. And in the afternoon, there will be "unconference" sessions to brainstorm and discuss what we can do and how. Whether you are already a contributor or just thinking about becoming one, please join us for this full day free event. Attending is free, no conference ticket required. Agenda/Schedule 9:00 – 9:15: Welcome 9:15 – 9:45: Introduction to participating in the Jenkins project 9:45 – 10:45: The last year in review 10:45 – 11:00: Break 11:00 – 12:00: A vision for Jenkins 12:00 – 13:00: Lunch 13:00 - 13:30: Discuss unconference topics 13:30 - 16:30: Unconference tracks/discussions 16:30 - 17:00: Recap and wrap-up 19:30 - 20:30: Please join us for dinner and drinks at the Autodesk Gallery. RSVP HERE (https://www.eventbrite.com/e/2017-jenkins-contributor-appreciation-evening-tickets-32591665549)

  • Journey of Implementing Jenkins at Adobe

    Needs a location

    **Please note that this meeting location is in San Jose, not in San Francisco** Meeting Location: Adobe HQ 151 S Almaden Blvd, San Jose, CA 95113 -East Tower Park Conference room We are excited to have Adobe share their journey of implementing Jenkins within Adobe. Special thanks to Adobe for hosting this meetup. Agenda 6:00pm - Doors open 6:30pm - Intro/Welcome 6:35pm - Tale of Jenkins as service 7:00pm - Journey of implementing Enterprise Jenkins from POC to Production. 7:30pm - Q&A 8:00pm - Close Session #1. Journey of implementing Enterprise Jenkins from POC to Production. This will cover challenges we faced and lessons learned We will be covering following topics about Enterprise Jenkins: 1.RBAC implementation – How it reduces administration cost 2.How to use Folder plugin to effetely organize different in Jenkins operations center 3.Monitoring of instances using health monitor and other monitoring tools 4.Use of chef to automate infrastructure 4.Backup and restore functionality which developed to quickly recover Jenkins instances 5.HA Setup Enterprise Jenkins and lessons learned 6.Analytics how setup a ELK stack and how to harness different trends from the dashboards which come with Enterprise Jenkins. #2. Tale of Jenkins as service. We are currently Hosting close to ~350 instances of Jenkins. We will be covering the following topics: • How we offer Jenkins as service out of the box • How these boxes are kept secured and up to date with the new Jenkins releases • How Chef is used for configuration management • What all features we have from our Jenkins self-service portal • Problems and challenges we face as Jenkins admins supporting these ~350 Jenkins instances. Speakers Vishal Raina is a Sr Platform engineer working for Adobe in SJ. At Adobe Vishal works on Engineering productivity tools and is currently rolling out Opensource and Enterprise Jenkins, on-boarding many product teams in the process. Vishal is passionate about well-crafted continuous integration and continuous delivery and is an advocate for this practice throughout Adobe. Gwen Sarault is a Senior Platform Solutions Engineer working from Adobe’s Seattle office. At Adobe, Gwen works on the engineering productivity tools team, and is primarily responsible for CI/CD automation including the provisioning of open-source Jenkins environments. Gwen has a passion for tackling complicated issues and simplifying workflows in order to provide better productivity to Adobe’s engineers.

  • Jenkins and Artifactory

    JFrog Offices

    Happy Holidays!! Our next meetup is a joint effort between the Butler and the Frog. Please join Kohsuke (https://github.com/kohsuke) and Mark Galpin (https://twitter.com/magalpin) as they talk about Jenkins 2 and Artifactory. Pls join us for pizza and beer before the sessions begin: https://www.meetup.com/JFrog-Meetups/events/236203828/

  • Let's talk CI/CD and DevOps with ClusterHQ and Jenkins

    ClusterHQ Office

    This will be a joint meetup with ClusterHQ. Thank you ClusterHQ for hosting! Agenda 6:00 Doors open - Food, drinks, and catching up! 6:45 Build, Test and Deploy with Jenkins Pipeline and Docker by Tyler Croy (https://github.com/rtyler) 7:15 How to Push and Pull Docker volumes to and from Jenkins CI by Ryan Wallner (https://twitter.com/RyanWallner) 7:45 Q&A with Ryan and Tyler 8:30 Finish! Session "Build, Test and Deploy with Jenkins Pipeline and Docker" In this talk, Tyler will show some quick and easy ways to use Jenkins Pipeline to build, test and deploy containers. Using the integration between Jenkins Pipeline and Docker, we'll show how well Jenkins and Docker play together for basic continuous integration and acceptance testing to advanced continuous delivery patterns with Pipeline. “How to Push and Pull Docker volumes to and from Jenkins CI” It’s not easy to work with Docker volumes when the need is for the data and volumes themselves to be flexible enough to move to and from environment such as Development, QA, CI/CD, Staging and Production. We will explore how and why data can be version-controlled and moved between environments like development, CI, and staging using Docker containers and fli (FlockerHub CLI). We’ll then work with Jenkins CI and the data lifecycle toolset from ClusterHQ to push and pull versions of docker volumes to and from these environments so DevOps teams can use this data to test and stage the application from a versioned snapshot of data. Speakers Tyler (https://github.com/rtyler) is a longtime Jenkins contributor, having tended the Jenkins project’s own infrastructure for almost as long as it has existed. Originally guiding the project from artisanal, hand-crafted physical machines into the world of Puppet and reproducible infrastructure. Tyler has most recently been focused on improving the reliability, testability, and immutability of the Jenkins project infrastructure with Puppet, ServerSpec, and Docker. Ryan (https://twitter.com/RyanWallner) is a Technical Evangelist for ClusterHQ focused on the developer community, integration and frameworks around containers and persistence. Previously, Ryan was a software engineer in advanced development for EMC's office of the CTO. He has contributed to various open-source projects including Flocker, Amazon ECS Agent, BigSwitch Floodlight, Kubernetes, and Docker-py. You can find Ryan at many of the Boston area meetups such as Massachusetts Microservices, Kubernetes, Docker and Openstack, or enjoying hiking, kayaking, snowboarding, and cooking.

  • Continuous Container Delivery - October JAM

    101 Spear St

    Let's get together and talk about continuous delivery practices and patterns with containers! If you can't make it to San Francisco tonight, please join via this webinar at 6:30 PM: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/2849445234434529284 Agenda: 6:00 - Doors open, grab some food and beverages 6:30 - Docker + Jenkins Pipeline Speaker: Matt Stephenson In this lightning talk Matt will walk through some basic build, test and deploy Pipelines. Docker-hype aside, the integration with Jenkins Pipeline and Docker removes entire classes of challenges with managing and scaling continuous delivery inside an organization. 6:50 - Secure Continuous Delivery at Salesforce with Jenkins Speaker: Andrey Falko Salesforce has a very high security bar, especially around the path to production for software. Last year, we worked on an initiative to use Jenkins to deliver software securely and reliably to production. We will present our approach for seamlessly on-boarding new and legacy components into our service. We'll walk you through how we integrated Docker into our system to give users more control and to enable CD. As a bonus, we will also review into how we are fusing the above with our monitoring systems to allow for self-service deployments. About: Andrey Falko is a Tech Lead in the Diagnostics, Visibility and Analytics Cloud at Salesforce. In his 7+ years at the company he has built and scaled CI systems for three different groups. Use cases have been large systems such as Salesforce's flagship CRM product, a virtual machine management system, and more recently, SOA components in the Salesforce Infrastructure Cloud.

  • Meet Blue Ocean - a new user experience for Jenkins

    Google San Francisco

    Agenda 6:00 - 6:30: Food/drinks/discussion 6:30 - 7:15: Meet Blue Ocean James will present a live demo of Blue Ocean, the teams's plans for the next few months and the roadmap for Blue Ocean 1.0 and beyond. Presenter: James Dumay (https://github.com/i386) 7:20 - 7:50: Jenkins inside Google The effort to host Jenkins @ Google started about 1 year ago when we decided to abandon our prior closed source solution. We will take you through the challenges we had using Jenkins in our production environment, walk you through our implementation and roll-out to date. We will share our implementation journey as we expanded from 0 to more than 1000 builds per day on 100 worldwide Windows and Ubuntu Linux agents. Presenter: Scott Zhu is the technical lead of the internal Jenkins team at Google. He has been working at Google for 2 and a half years, mainly on the internal release tools team. He started working on the Jenkins project about a year ago, delivered few features like RPC slave plugin, etc. In his spare time, he enjoys playing games and cooking. ------------------------------------------------------- Learn more about Blue Ocean in this blog post (https://jenkins.io/blog/2016/05/26/introducing-blue-ocean/) https://youtu.be/3dITffteCD4

  • Continuous Performance Testing with CloudTest and Jenkins

    ** Parking instructions: Please park in the main parking lot in front of BLDG 2001. Building access instructions: Please enter through the main doors and head towards the WEST BLDG elevators. Go to the 6th floor and look for the Meet Up signs. ** ------------------ Agenda 5:45 - 6:00PM - Arrival, food & drinks, network 6:20PM - Intro/Welcome 6:25PM - "Continuous Performance Testing with CloudTest and Jenkins." Tom Chavez - SOASTA 7:10PM - "Jenkins 2.0" ------------------- "Continuous Performance Testing with CloudTest and Jenkins." - Tom Chavez, SOASTA Today’s rapid development pace demands continuous performance testing be an integral part of your continuous delivery pipelines. Jenkins, the leading open source automation platform, has emerged as the hub of continuous delivery (CD), and SOASTA and CloudBees have tapped Jenkins to enable more test types and approaches that utilize cloud and agile process for continuously delivering higher quality web apps and services. Gain insight on how to: Integrate realistic automated web performance tests into your continuous delivery pipelines managed by Jenkins Architect and launch a test environment that auto-provisions in the cloud Access the largest global test cloud for load generation Manage a load generation grid to drive load tests in a lights-out mode Establish a performance baseline in your daily Jenkins reports "Jenkins 2.0" - Patrick Wolf, CloudBees Jenkins 2.0 will soon be generally available. One of the themes announced for 2.0 is moving Pipeline front and center and including Jenkins as a central part of Continuous Delivery (CD) as well as Continuous Integration (CI). This presentation will take a look at the features of Pipeline for simple tasks and complex pipelines within standalone scripts and Jenkinsfiles. Special thank you to our sponsor, SOASTA!