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Jericho - Black Friday edition
The 8th annual Black Friday game is back! Prepared to dissappear into the crowds of shoppers rushing home with their treasures...or die trying! We'll take the first 15 minutes to go over rules and split into teams before hitting the streets. Word of Caution: Because of the nature of the date & location, this game will be played under the noses of LOTS of watchful security personnel, so only small pocket sized pistols are allowed. (Nerf Jolt, Nerf Pocketstrike, Nerf Reflex, Zuru Micro, etc). If you cant put it in your pocket, don't bring it! Please also bring a bandana! (to use after you die) See you out there, smelling of turkey! ---The Chief

St. Mary Square Park

651 California St. · San Francisco, CA

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