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This is for developers, data scientists, and data engineers who are interested in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and computer Vision. All skill levels are welcome. I started this group to meet other data scientists who are working on deep learning for computer vision research/projects. Looking forward to exploring:

- Deep Learning for computer vision.
- Data versioning and management.
- Experiment management.
- Resource management and DevOps for deep learning.

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Deep Learning for “Exotic” Data Like 3D Meshes and Point-Clouds

Deep Learning in academia and industry brings with it enormous amounts of data, complicated experiment results and intense compute requirements. Some datasets are unique and come with their own major challenges. 3D point-cloud data and meshes require completely different neural network architectures to analyze, classify and localize. Join us for this in-depth and technical session where we learn from Or Litany, Facebook AI and Stanford post-doctoral researcher about geometric deep learning. https://orlitany.github.io/

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DevOps for Deep Learning. Enter DeepOps.

44 Montgomery St

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