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Perl 6 Informal Study Session
This is an informal series of study sessions focused on Perl 6 (aka Rakudo), a break from the past of Perl 5 and one of the contenders for language of the future. Let's get together for a few hours on Sunday afternoons over at the Oakland Museum cafe, and start messing around with Perl 6. This is a relatively unstructured gathering focusing on chatting and shoulder-surfing, without a lot of planned presentations-- though if you've got something you'd like to show off, by all means bring it with you. The plan is to gradually work our way through the Moritz Lenz book, "Perl 6 Fundamentals". You can get a printed copy from Apress-- they also sell an ebook version (and I've also seen a free pdf elsewhere though I haven't verified if that's legitimate): There's free wifi at the cafe, but you'll probably want to install Perl 6 before hand: I also like having a saved copy of the documentation (converted into a single giant web page):

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