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We all just want to have fun and let go sometimes, right? This group is just about that! In this group you will have a chance to do random activities throughout the San Francisco area. These events can vary from dodgeball to cooking to poker nights to whatever random idea sounds like fun! Feel free to suggest events and activities, but only those FEATURED are our prime events by real hosts! If you would like to host an event (and not in promotions for a company or trying to advertise your own company), please contact us!

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Tandem Paragliding - Next Time
Needs a date and time

Needs a location

This event is a waiting list for anyone interested in going tandem paragliding. When I get an actual date lined up, I will announce it to all the members of this group, and they'll have a chance to RSVP for one of the spots. We can only take a handfull of people each time, so be ready to RSVP quick! General Info: If you are tired of your land-ridden life, or just need to rebel a bit (from gravity!), then look no further! To see how much fun everyone had on the last trip, check out this video (http://aloft.kylebjordahl.com/?album=alt). As a tandem paragliding student, you'll get a chance to soar with the birds and enjoy the sunny bayside cliffs in Vallejo, or the beautiful and rugged terrain of Mussel Rock Park in Pacifica. You are guaranteed 10 minutes of airtime, with flights lasting on average 15 minutes. All you need to bring is a pair of sturdy shoes, weather-appropriate clothes, and a great attitude! Meanwhile, the rest of the group is on the ground, enjoying picnic lunches and remembering to slather on the sunscreen! Bring your own food, or go lunch-room style and bring some to trade! To sign up for this meetup you will need to pay our pilot in advance, so when the new event is posted, join the waiting list, then follow the instructions on that page to pay via Paypal. Once we confirm your payment, I'll add you to the confirmed RSVP list.

Tahoe or ??? Trip - Camping Weekend
Needs a date and time

Lake Tahoe

Sorry Guys - This last fews have been crazy for me! I think ski/snowboard trip for this season is out....so let's instead shoot for a camping trip in May or June - cheaper and easier to plan!!! When: May or June Where: Tahoe, Beach Camping, or? If you have any great ideas, let me know!! More info to come soon! Planning is in the works, but send me your ideas! Note: There will probably be a minimum payment requirement. We would need to reserve the cabins or tent lot spaces!!

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