Your User Stories Are Too Big!

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Agile Practitioners online Special Interest Group
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A common problem for scrum teams is user stories that are too big. When a user story is too big, it is harder to understand, estimate, and implement successfully. This experiential session will give you hands-on experience with four techniques to split the large stories in your backlog into smaller stories.

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Chris Sims is a certified Scrum trainer, agile coach, and recovering C++ developer who helps organizations improve their productivity and happiness.

Chris is the founder of Agile Learning Labs and the co-author of two best-selling scrum books: The Elements of Scrum and Scrum: a Breathtakingly Brief and Agile Introduction. More of his writing can be found on the Agile Learning Labs blog.

Before starting Agile Learning Labs, Chris made a living in roles such as: scrum master, product owner, engineering manager, project manager, software engineer, musician, and an auto mechanic.