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San Francisco Social Events will be putting together tons of events for 20-30 somethings that focus on one thing: Meeting people and having fun. Well, that's kind of two things...Our group will live by the motto "A good time is all about who you share it with". I've been putting up our events in other Meetup groups for the past several months and have seen amazing turnouts with such great people, so now it just makes sense to create my own!

We'll be organizing groups to do things like happy hours, trivia nights, visit museums, go to comedy shows, plan trolley crawls, wine tastings, tournaments, play in rec sports leagues and more! Does this sound like every other group on Meetup? Well it's definitely similar, but I'm really good at getting good deals for everyone and coming up with unique events that have recently been bringing out large groups of people that simply want to get out more and meet others. So if you're fresh in town (welcome!), are looking to make some new friends, and/or simply just want to spice things up and do something other than sitting in a bar with the same ol' folks, we're gonna be that spice.

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