What we're about

Explore places of worship with other spiritually curious and friendly individuals while getting to meet the active members of existing spiritual and religious communities in San Francisco.

Spiritual Explorers is a free, open, group opportunity for folks who are interested in learning about the spiritual and organized religious groups of our city, in a context that values understanding, acceptance, and respect across religious and spiritual groups.

Each visit is a planned meeting in collaboration with a place of worship that welcomes us as a group to discuss and share their practices and community in San Francisco on their own terms. Each visit includes recommended readings to help us gain perspective on the group we are visiting including, history, culture, and modern context.

We also explore these readings as they relate to us as a group including how to avoid cultural appropriation while exploring our own spirituality through the meeting of others in our Spiritual Community.

Past events (6)

Visit Mission Dharma on Valentines Day!

St. John's Episcopal Church

Let's Attend a free Agnihotra Vedic Fire Ceremony at Yoga Society SF!

Yoga Society of San Francisco (Meeting is held in the Cosmic Temple Room)

Sunday Service August 28th 10AM

Buddhist Church of San Francisco

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