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We are a community of business owners and professionals who have either started or currently own businesses or are thinking of starting one. We hold the following kinds of activities: 1) training and educational events, and 2) networking events.

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Sandra Hughes
Organizer and Business Strategist & Mentor

Serving the following cities:
San Francisco, Marin, South San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley, Emeryville and nearby cities.

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High Performing Business Secrets – Profits, Freedom, Integrity & Bold Confidence

If you see a waiting list for this event, get on this list asap. We'll be marketing this event to several channels and space is limited. The majority of business owners face doubts, worries and unresolved questions. These tend to slow down profits and the bolder and more confident pursuit of freedom with integrity. Profits are your bread and butter. To get profits, you must strategize and plan without overthinking and lack of focus – how do you attain that balance? How do you avoid your own errors of perception and incorrect strategy … and master owning, running and accelerating a business? You will gain the following from this event: MOVEMENT FORWARD: Steps to take you from running in place to movement forward. CLEAR DECISIONS & POWER: Move from indecisive paralysis to clear and focused actions. CLEAR DIRECTION: Clarifying & peace-of-mind-inducing questions to get you in the right direction. CONCRETE NEXT STEPS: Next easy steps to make this real in your life. Freedom to pursue what you want with integrity is what feeds your confidence and makes having a business not just pleasant but worth the time and energy spent. But most people compromise on freedom, thinking that sacrifice alone without right strategy will pay off most certainly. This unnecessary level of sacrifice leads to breakdowns in integrity e.g. health, relationships, free time, dreams, visions and more. How do you put this picture, plan and sets of systems together without breaking what is already working? How can you create that flow that excites you and others and attracts people to want to work with you, buy from you and tell everyone else about you? "Sandra Hughes brings her compassion, depth and wealth of experience to this educational event to help you find answers customized to your needs. I am consistently pleasantly surprised at the insight that Sandra can generate for others whilst listening and bringing her own experience to the game without overwhelming but creating more capacity for greater and better balanced results.” – Sunil Bhaskaran, Entrepreneur and Visionary Come and get concrete steps and actions to independently realize your dreams of being a business leader and visionary in your community whilst equipping yourself with the tools that other experienced business people have learned the hard way. RSVP soon to avoid disappointment. See you soon! Sandra Hughes, Organizer and Host Business Strategist and Mentor

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