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The Internal Work is a deeply personal and experiential process of feeling, understanding and cognizing our emotions. It explores, identifies and puts focus on individual emotions so that we can recognize them when we feel them, understand what they are trying to tell us, and then take conscious and compassion action based on what we are feeling.

The purpose of the Meetup is to hold a safe and communal space for people to start both an external and internal dialog about our emotions with each Meetup focusing on one or two particular emotions to explore. Through this exploration, we will begin to learn to identify what emotions we are feeling and what pragmatic actions we can take based on what we are feeling.

Hello, I’m Ferdinand and I’ll be your main guide in The Internal Work process. I was trying to come up with a bio to introduce myself but, in the end, the most important thing for me and for anyone wanting know me is that I am just a human being wanting to be Happy. If you want to know more about me simply ask, I’m more than willing to share.

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Higher Consciousness through Emotion

Tantara Yoga Studio

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