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Welcome to Women in Data! Women in Data (WiD) is a 501c3 nonprofit focused on increasing diversity in data careers. This Meetup page is a part of WiD’s global community and provides quarterly symposiums and informal sessions. For additional information regarding Women in Data please visit our website at widusa.com (http://widusa.com/).

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The Future of Hiring is Virtual

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Virtual (or remote) hiring has grown more popular over the last several years and the arrival of the novel coronavirus accelerated this trend. We now believe that proficiency and comfort with these platforms is a critical skill for everyone. Women in Data has partnered with Filtered.ai to bring our members an overview of remote hiring, its challenges and opportunities, and how to distinguish yourself digitally. We’ll spend 30-40 minutes discussing: - Trends in remote hiring in both the Before Times and today - What impacts does this have on diversity? - How remote interviews differ from in-person meetings - Online technical challenges vs. take-homes - Skills seen in more successful candidates - Ideas on how to practice and cultivate remote hiring skills - Where do resumes and repos fit into this new equation? - Our predictions for the next 18 months— just so we can end on laugh ;) The remaining time belongs to you! We’ll be taking some questions live, and you can use this form to send us questions in advance: https://forms.gle/hGGNmJw4go3HqLWTA BONUS: Join the Filtered.ai Pilot Program and start interviewing now! Filtered.ai is launching new partnerships with groups dedicated to increasing diversity in technical fields, such as Women in Data. We’ll have a brief demo of the platform and explain how to apply to join the pilot program to get early access to companies seeking to hire TODAY! We will share the application at the end of the event. Please note that although Filtered.ai can only accept a limited number of applicants for the pilot, all Women in Data members who sign-up will get access as the platform matures enough to handle more users. ABOUT Filtered.ai Filtered.ai is the collaborative technical workspace and hiring platform. Our environment maximizes the candidate experience as they complete technical challenges and video interviews so you can understand their communication skills alongside their technical abilities. ABOUT Women in Data We're a non-profit organization focused on building awareness and educating women in the field of data science and analytics. We support trans/cis women and non-binary folks of races to advance their career in the data industry. The economic uncertainty also caused by the pandemic means that many more of us might find ourselves unexpectedly. Now is the time to learn how to showcase your skills and professionalism virtually. Join us, and get a jumpstart on the future of hiring.

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