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The ‘Made in Paris’ international network for women has arrived in your City!

San Francisco for Her - A City for Her is an empowering global network that unites women of all backgrounds from around the world to enjoy our city together.

It can be challenging knowing where to go to have a great time with nice, like-minded, dynamic women who are searching for a fun and easy-going space to connect if you're new to the city or have spent decades here. You might want to meet other businesswomen and women professionals to develop your network; maybe you are curious about the city itself and making new friends; or perhaps you just want to have a fantastic time in a great place with other women who are experiencing the same things as you, whatever that might be.

San Francisco for Her - A City for Her aims to facilitate face-to-face meetings to simplify how women from different places and sectors coexist. We bring together diverse women of different ages and backgrounds who want to meet up for a drink, dinner, wine tastings, museum visits, and many other fun activities. We also offer enriching workshops for women who want to develop personally and professionally. By doing so, we seek to enrich our network with creative ideas, new fields of thought and initiatives to enhance our overall lifestyle and goals.

We look forward to meeting you soon and enjoying San Francisco together.

Best wishes,

Nadia & Gina

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The Meetup Group San Francisco for Her | A City for Her reiterates the concept of Paris for Her. Read more here: acityforher.com and join us in other cities.

Paris, London, Brussels, San Francisco - 5,000+ members strong!

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