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What we’re about

This is a free coding bootcamp to introduce the exciting world of software engineering to people who have never tried programming. The bootcamp is put on by, a nonprofit organization dedicated to bringing coding skills to more people across California. If you're looking for a career change, or just want to broaden your horizons, this is the bootcamp for you! Our organizers are self-taught programmers who started where you are, and our mentors are fellow students with a little more experience. And best of all, it's free! 

For this bootcamp we use JavaScript, an incredibly beginner-friendly language that's nevertheless powerful and heavily used in the real world. In fact, if you ever open websites on your computer or phone, you're probably using JavaScript!

Here's what your journey as a student will look like:

1. Complete the foundation lessons:

• JS0 -> JavaScript Fundamentals: variables, types of data, decisions in your code

• JS1 -> HTML & Functions: creating user interfaces, crafting functions, solving "word problems" with recursion

• JS2 -> Arrays: making lists of data, interacting with HTML pages, using array helpers. After JS2 you'll be able to build this stopwatch!

• JS3 -> Libraries and APIs: testing code, writing your own objects, unleashing the power of the web with APIs. After JS3 you'll be able to build this Pokemon viewer!

• JS4 -> Machine learning: building interactive web experiences, using models for AI. After JS4 you'll be able to build this Lights Off game!

• JS5 -> System Design: sending requests via GET and POST, understanding servers

• JS6 -> Mobile and OS Applications

2. Contribute to or start new open source projects. This will add valuable work experience to your resume. Projects you can participate in include: - Server proxy (Nginx alternative) - The lesson platform itself, built and run by students! - Language learning app 

3. After 5-6 feature contributions, you will receive referrals to our tech network.'s tech network exists to help each student on their journey and create a support group of new engineers. Existing software engineers can join and help, and volunteer hours can be provided.


• I have zero math background. Can I learn? -> Yes. Several of our students have become software engineers with no math background.

• I don't have a college degree. Can I learn? -> Yes. Several of our students have become software engineers without having a college degree.

• Do I have to pay anything? -> No, this bootcamp is completely free.