What we're about

• A group to have fun, centered around music, and the people behind the music. • A community based gathering for musicians of all types and levels, as well as music lovers who want to collaborate. • A creative space for musicians to come together to learn, share, and let your musical desires flow. • We will have elements for all levels of musicians (beginners, intermediate, advanced, casual players, etc.) • A space to learn and work on songs, whether they are covers or originals. • A space to explore and branch out into new musical directions; to explore new tastes. • An environment to enhance proficiency in our individual playing, but as important is playing music with others. • A place to display your passion through musical conversations • A place to express yourself musically

✮ Collaborate....We see the meetup as a place to share all things musical and this platform enables diverse groups of people to collaborate in new and fun ways. This also can be a great place to share ideas, create new spaces and be… Creative.

✮ Forums.... We’ve also started a new forum within the group to share ideas and collaborate more effectively. We’ve turned on the messaging (Moderated for now) so members can reach out to each other and share ideas.

✮ Things we've observed as Jammers…We jam but only sorta…. Jamming is fun but it’s somewhat chaotic if we don't have focus and structure. It's usually helpful if a musical genre and even song list is created and shared beforehand. It's also important to recognize that not all players are at the same level of ability or comfortable playing with other folks.

✮ So, We've got some ideas... on how we can be more inclusive with new and different jam groups, and the secret sauce is organizers for different genres, styles and levels to step up. Examples we’ll be working on:

❍ Bob and Joe's We like to get loud Semi Pro Rock n Blues Jam

❍ Joe's Beginner Jam - Easy going space where everybody gets to play

❍ B&J Open Mic Team - We want to assemble an open mic group that plays out

❍ Blues for Beginners

❍ B&Js House Party

❍ Mikikos Jazz Playbooks Session

❍ Acoustic Music

❍ Vocals, Harmonies and more

❍ Song writing gatherings

✮ All of this is exciting and motivational, but we cannot sustain this by ourselves. So…. we ask folks to step up a little more. We all love playing, and doing it with other musicians is one of the joys of my life and I’ll bet yours too. You can always reach out to Joe or myself for assistance, guidance, or just to bounce ideas off.

✮ Places to Play.....We know that this is the most seemingly difficult part: Where to play? Well we’ve hosted paid Jams at Studios around town, had acoustics sessions at members houses, thrown full blown jams with pot lucks - shout out to Colleen for this -- and I'm willing to bet there's lot of spaces that can be used. Business space in off hours. Warehouses, House Parties, whatever. Most folks I know will play just about anywhere it’s warm.

So that’s about it for now. More changes and growth to come as we get our arms around this thing.

Yours in Music,

Bob and Joe T

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