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San Jose Pink Pistols Meetup
Welcome to our "Pink Pistol" social shoot. Privacy of attendees will be respected, no photography, video or any other recording media without asking permission first. OUR GROUP LEASES USE OF THE RANGE FROM THE SANTA CLARA RIFLE CLUB. WE HAVE A 10 DOLLAR COVER CHARGE PER SHOOTER FOR RANGE USE. THIS FEE COVERS THE USE OF THE RANGE, TARGETS AND EAR/EYE PROTECTION. THE RANGE FEE DOES NOT INCLUDE GUNS and AMMO. THE RANGE DOES NOT RENT GUNS OR SELL AMMO. DUE TO CHANGES IN CALIFORNIA GUN LAWS (Thank Gavin Newsom, Prop 63), we are advising people to bring their own ammo which can be purchased at local gun stores. Contact us if you have questions. DUE TO SAFETY ISSUES, AMMUNITION IS LIMITED TO 22LR THRU 45 ACP. NO MAGNUM POWERED HANDGUNS, NO CENTERFIRE RIFLES, SHOTGUNS PERMITTED, BUT NO "SLUGS". On average our attendance has been varying between 6 to 15 shooters. The range has 5 shooting lanes and we rotate use of the lanes. We are a social group. We are not a business, we don't accept credit cards, "CASH ONLY", sorry. While we welcome new shooters, for people who have never fired firearms, it is strongly suggested that you attend the coordinated beginner shoot we have with the Santa Clara rifle club on the Second Saturday of each month. That event is designed specifically for new shooters, we have coaches, for the first 2 hours the range limits firearms to 22 cal firearms only, so it isn't as loud. This is a popular event, but we keep the event running until everyone has had a chance to shoot. The second Saturday events typically run all afternoon and into the early evenings, generally it runs from 2pm till 7pm or later. The Club waives range fees, club members donate their use of their time, loan their guns and supply ammo, if you were to go to a commercial range and rent guns, buy ammo, pay range fees and hire a gun trainer, you would be spending at least 70 dollars. Officially it is a "Free event", that being said, I encourage people who attend to donate so that way the event will continue for others in the future. We recognize that some of you who have no firearm experience for whatever reason can't make the second Saturday event, if this is you, then if you would like to join us, you MUST be at the range at 10 am sharp so that way we have time to orientate you for firearms safety and basic firearms skills. If you miss our firearms safety, range rule orientation, you will not be allowed to shoot. Don't be late, you snooze, you loose. Firearms safety is a "MUST" and it is our "TOP PRIORITY". Our people start arriving between 9:45am and 10am. If you are new, just be there. We are dedicating 10am to 11am to coach any new shooters, after that time, we are there to socialize and enjoy shooting guns ourselves. You are welcome to stay, but please recognize that our monthly event for some of us is the only time some of us get to the range ourselves and we like to have fun too. Our schedule will be the following: 1. 10:00am to 10:15am Inspection of range, uncasing of firearms and set up for event. New shooter orientation will be done concurrently. 2, 10:15 to 11:00 am New shooters, if any will be coached on shooting and will proceed to shoot. If we have open firing lanes, our regulars will begin shooting. While this isn't a dedicated new shooter event, we are willing to set aside some of our time to provide some guidance and help for new shooters. 3. 11:00 am to 1pm. The Pink Pistols shoot will be running, we have 5 shooting stations and we rotate depending on how many of us are attending and shooting. 4. 1pm , the Pink Pistol shoot officially ends. Of course since many of us are Rifle Club members, we usually continue shooting for anther 30 minutes or so and those of you who attend can stay as our "guests". 5. 1:40pm to 2pm.. Shut down firing lanes, secure firearms, cleanup and inspect the range. There is another group that has leased the range for their monthly event, so we have to shut down, clean up and have range ready for next group. We have been getting together for late lunches/ early dinners post shoot, for new members, you are welcome to join us. Price ranges for meals at restaurants we go to are in the 15 to 20 dollar range. Nicki

City of San Jose: Rifle Range

1580 South 10th Street · San Jose, CA


What we're about

Begun in 2006, the San Jose Pink Pistols came into existence to encourage, educate and train the LBGT community for Self Defense.

San Jose Pink Pistols welcomes everyone comfortable with diversity.

San Jose Pink Pistols emphasizes firearms safety, skills development and conviviality.

We are a friendly, informal group of shooting enthusiasts with a reserved range event on the 4th Sunday of each month and a shared outreach beginner shooting event on the 2nd Saturday of each month..

The San Jose Municipal 10th street range is our "home range", it is at 1580 South 10th Street, San Jose California 95112.

In addition to our regular monthly events, we will have other outings where we will travel to other ranges.

Due to the social nature of our group, most of us have multiple guns and typically we always try out each others guns. The custom in our group is if you are shooting someone else's gun, reimburse them for their ammunition.

For our events, we have been getting together for lunch or dinner after shooting so that we can socialize, where we go depends on mood of the group.

Interested, but don't have a firearm? If so, this is the group to join. In our group you will find a welcoming environment for beginners, our members especially enjoy mentoring new shooters.

Typically between all of us who attend we have a wide variety of firearms and experience.

For someone who is new to anything, often many times a new person won't even know what questions to even ask, we will help guide you to figure what questions to ask and hopefully we will have satisfactory answers to your questions.

We will show you how to shoot "Safely" and have a lot of "Fun" doing so.

And for those of you who are "experienced shooters", of course you are welcome and we welcome you to come share your experiences so that all of us can grow.

For those of you looking for more "advanced training", as a group we will be making 2 plus road trips to Front Sight Training in Pahrump, Nevada. Front Sight is 70 miles from Las Vegas. It is "legal" to transport firearms on commercial planes in "screened and checked in" baggage.

We will either buy ammo at Front Sight or one of us will drive to Pahrump.

We have a "new sister chapter", the Las Vegas Pink Pistols that some of their members may join us on our road trips to Front Sight.

Other Pink Pistol chapters do exist in the United States and it is our intention to link and meet up with as many active chapters as possible. We are about growing Pink Pistols nationwide.


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