What we're about

Real estate investors fail because they don’t understand the fundamentals of successful investing. Our group is dedicated to improving the education of investors in the San Jose, CA area.

Who should join?
If you're interested in real estate, regardless of your experience, this group is for you. Our group is focused on helping investors at every stage learn strategies to create cash-flowing properties. If you have a full-time job, you're in good company. The core philosophy of our group is turn-key, passive, out-of-state investing.

What should you expect?
Our meetups feature guest speakers from markets all over the country and on a wide variety of topics. Recent meetups have covered the following topics:

- Tax secrets for real estate investors
- Self-directed IRAs and 1031 exchanges
- Attorneys talking about asset protection
- Investing in remote markets
- How to evaluate markets and deals

We focus on creating success formulas that everyone can deploy to begin generating wealth through real estate.

Who will I meet?
It's hard to be successful in real estate on your own. As the saying goes "Your network is your net worth," and this is true. Our real estate investor networking club events are designed to help you connect with like-minded investors, experts, and mentors.

How often do we meet?
This is a unique and incredible time to become a real estate investor. Housing prices are rising while wages are not keeping up. Construction companies are focusing on large projects to maintain profitability, which means single-family homes are harder to come by. The U.S. population is growing and unemployment is falling. All of this means this is a time of opportunity for you; however, it's also a time of opportunity for everyone else, including foreign investors. To stay competitive, you need to stay on top of the pulse of the market. We meet at least once every month, which will keep you savvy and informed.

How are we different?
Our focus is your success. We know that the more we strengthen our network, the more successful everyone is. There is opportunity enough for everyone. Our training is intended to be actionable, and we want to help you hold yourself accountable. A year from now you don't want to be saying "I wish I had started sooner."

Join us and break free of the rat race!

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