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Integrative Chakra Therapy® Subtle Energy Balancing
• What we'll do FREE ENERGY BALANCING - OPEN TO EVERYONE!! Integrative Chakra Therapy® Training Student Practices are held every third Thursday of the month for students and graduates of Dr. Richard Jelusich's 'ICT Training for the Whole Human Being' Note: There are NO Meetups on Holiday Thursdays ~ Thank you. What is it? Spiritual Balancing is not limited to time or space, because students are working at the level of the chakras where the whole human being emanates his/her individuation into this dimension. Therefore, this is the most powerful and fundamental healing that I know of because it works on the level of consciousness and affects the four archetypes: mental, physical, emotional and spiritual. Students are taught how to use their chakras to observe the “Whole Human Being” (mental, physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of the individual), to make assessments and to allow healing energy to flow through them. The Goal of Dr. Jelusich's program is to help individuals to become a self-empowered, self-realized individual who is spiritually aware and an independent thinker; emancipated from the illusion of separation from the Oneness in which we all live. Interested in becoming a student? As a student of the training program you will learn to awaken and strengthen your higher sense perceptions as well as your healing abilities, and, as a result, some of your “stuff” will inevitably come up. These levels will cause fundamental core-shifts to happen within you as you infuse more of your Soul-Quality into your waking consciousness. Practicing with fellow students is required to integrate the levels taught as a base for Dr. Jelusich’s more evolved teachings. So come join the students to experience a balancing of your own. For those who truly desire to know more you can join a Healers Training Program to become spiritually stronger, more grounded; learning effective facilitation of healing in themselves and others. Dr. Jelusich teaches philosophy, science, cosmology and the esoterics of human evolution of consciousness, while providing intellectual balance to the experiential spiritual training you will do at each level. Dr. R. Jelusich ~ All healing boils down to one thing only: “Healing is overcoming any illusion that separates you from the oneness in which you already live.” • Important to know Even though this is a FREE event - donations are greatly appreciated to cover the costs of the space. Additionally the balancing's are offered first come first serve please arrive early to get your name on the guest list.

Universal Church of the Master

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Where the spiritual evolution of your soul is our most profound concern. Here you will events, services of healing energies, lectures and workshops of Dr. Richard Jelusich. Dr. Jelusich teaches the blending of science and metaphysics; light, sound and form. His mission is to de-mystify metaphysics, to self-empower the individual, and to help us discover our multidimensional reality. Come join his students and graduates of Integrative Chakra Therapy® and learn about yourself and those who are in your life. More info at our website:

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