What we're about

We are a community of women who are up to collaborating, connecting and creating empowered visions. Providing personal breakthroughs, healthy families, lifestyles that work, and peaceful communities.

What we provide is the following;
1. Supportive transformational education.
2. Engaging and connective networking.
3. Fun, creative and social events.
4. Learning collaborative ways to love ourselves unconditionally.
5. And much much more....

Be sure to join and RSVP to our events as soon as possible!
Bernadine Rosso
Community Builder

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Clarify and Amplify- Women Supporting Women to Succeed!

This event is online- Use this link to Register: https://zoom.us/meeting/register/tJ0vcumhrDsiE9GJU3kTnYEkn4FZY1ViSmqS This is NOT just about networking… This event is about women finding their power and voices. It’s about making connections and getting clear about what your next steps are. You’ve gotten through the challenges of the last year. Collaborate with other women who are refreshing and restarting- In this Meetup you will: - Collect ideas to inspire your own Amazing Visions! - Learn foundational tools for success and momentum with whatever you’re up to. - Get new perspectives, new connections and support so you don’t feel alone. Why do this alone when there are other women out there with resources and ideas to share? Find like-minded artists, entrepreneurs, mothers, and more who are redefining what it means to BE a woman pursuing things that feel impossible. We look forward to meeting YOU! Use the link to register: https://zoom.us/meeting/register/tJ0vcumhrDsiE9GJU3kTnYEkn4FZY1ViSmqS See you there, Bernadine Rosso, Vision and Resilience Coach The Organizer

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