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If you're interested in being active, creative and experiencing something brand new yet familiar, come play this new sport. At the meet up you will become acquainted with a new piece of sport hardware, a new game and develop eye hand coordination with simple rally exercises.

Batell Ball is the new innovative paddle sport, created here in San Luis Obispo! It is the Worlds First Dual-Head Paddle Sport! The game can be played on both pickleball and racquetball courts. A no rally zone separates two players armed with double ended paddles. The game is played WITHOUT A NET. The two ended paddleand lack of net, make for unexpected, unique game mechanics. It is a whole new ball game! Bring both hands, you will need them!

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Introduction To Batell Ball

Meadow Park

Why play Batell Ball? It's the worlds first duel-head paddle sport which challenges all your mind and body. You need to stay light on your feet, ready to move, and be ready to hit the ball with either hand at a moments notice! There are 8 plus ways to hit the ball compared to the standard over-hand or under-hand in traditional sports. It constantly challenges you and brings out the best you that wants to improve as an athlete! Come watch and give it a try and once you get the hang of it, you'll be hooked! Everything will be provided, we just need you! We'll be playing on the pickleball courts where the tennis court is or on the pickleball courts which are on the basketball court by the parking lot. We'd love to see you there!

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Introduction To Batell Ball

E A French Park

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