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For people that want the opportunity to play a variety of tabletop games -- German/Euro style, card games, party games, tile games, trivia games, and hybrid games. Some of the games in the collection include titles like: Agricola, Settlers of Catan, Dominion, Word on the Street, Race for the Galaxy, Maori, Carcassonne, and Small World. It does not matter if you have never played a game or do not recall the rules, come to learn or come to refresh your memory.

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Atascadero Board Games

Round Table Pizza

We are a weekly group meeting every Monday for people that want the opportunity to play a variety of tabletop games. It does not matter whether or not you have played a game as long as you have a willingness to lean, have fun, and be polite to other. Feel free to bring a game you would like to play or just show up and play what other have, we usually have plenty. We currently meet at Round Table pizza and will either be in the main area or in one of the two side rooms if they are available.

SLO Tuesday Board Games

Captain Nemo Games & Comics

Note: Not everyone can make the early start time - feel free to come by when you can, jump into a game (or start a new one), and stay for as long as you want. Captain Nemo's has open board game night in their game room from 4pm till 9pm -- sometimes a few other people show up, sometimes it is just a handful of our group that are there. A few additional details... - free parking behind Captain Nemo's - the game room (separate building) opens onto the parking lot (if you're in the parking lot facing the street, the building on the left of the main building is where you're going -- if you get lost, go into Nemo's and ask the where the gaming room is) - if you want drinks/snacks, bring your own (or plan to walk to the Creamery across the street with several food options) - I have confirmed with the owner of Nemo's that we are allowed to use the bathroom in the store (during store hours) - I'm able to pick up the keys to the game room, so if we ever have a big game that is running late, we won't need to leave when they close the store (though bathrooms will no longer be available)

Game Theory Chapter 2

Building 8 at Cal Poly

Weekly Friday gaming at Cal Poly. Open to all who would like to attend. Board games, RPG's and CCGs. GTC2 is hosted by the PolyCon club. The weekly Friday event has been running for over 20 years. Parking is free after 5 in designated spaces.

Saturday Board Games in Santa Maria

Leisuretime Games

Sean will be handling this Meetup in Santa Maria. It seems like a great way to expand the circle of players exposed to the group. If you have any questions, please contact Sean.

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Saturday Board Games in Santa Maria

Leisuretime Games

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