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Photo by Bernadette Chenard/Hsing 2004 Kyoto, Japan

• "This is a group for anyone interested in learning more about the Ancient and Traditional Arts, Culture and People of JAPAN. Our main focus will be on the GEISHA... THE FLOWER and WILLOW WORLD and everything related...including origami. My background: I am a professional origami (paper folding) artist. Many of my origami creations and Geisha dolls are my own original designs and the name of my business, KOMACHI, means Beautiful Little Doll in Japanese. I started my business at the age of 25.

• My passion for the Orient began in my early childhood at age 5 when I was exposed to Japanese and other Asian culture through my parents' friends who came from Japan and other Asian countries. They introduced me to their respective cultures. My interest grew profoundly throughout my life in my long quest and zeal for learning more and more about this wonderfully beautiful and mysterious people and is the reason I have started this meet up group. I invite you to share your knowledge and experience, and hope that we all learn from one another. So let's meet up!"

*Please contribute your own ideas of what you would like this group to do and provide some details like what restaurant or show or trip or hike or any kind of gathering related to this groups mission. Your ideas will always be seriously considered and any of your input we may post on the next scheduled meetup! Please e-mail komachi_studio@hotmail.com and so I don't accidentally delete your message make sure to type in the words Komachi Meetup in the text box.

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