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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Last year's focus was on the how-to program in Deep Learning. The overwhelming responses were positive. Therefore, this year, we will continue focusing on Deep Learning, but with a twist.

For 2020, the focus is on deploying and productizing Deep Learning. We have learned how easy it is to use a transfer-learning methodology based on Fast.ai from Professor Jeremy Howard - USF. However, after successfully trained the AI model with above 93.0% accuracy, a world-class accuracy level, it is not easy to present it to companies or friends.

Showing the screenshot of the trained statistic epoch countdown does not have the universal “Wow” effect. Even colleagues with programming background responses are “…oh, that’s good” comments or worst, the executives have a blank-look expecting the unveiling of the result.

Each month we will focus on one component of the real-world enterprise-grade deployment framework or actual revenue productize model. The twelfth months' schedule meetup is as follows.

1. The bare minimum AI model for deployment

2. The AI deployment stack with NodeJS

3. Embedded template .vs. the Texas Two-Step, and No-framework .vs. ReactJS, Angular, and VueJs framework for AI deployment

4. Achieving the “Enterprise-grade” AI deployment from AWS, Google Engine to Oracle Cloud

5. Python and Apache .vs. Python and NodeJS .vs. Python and Python-Flask

6. Trimming off bloated Python libraries for AI deployment

7. “To babel” or “not to babel.”

8. Code minimization [pre-compiled] for NodeJS and Python for AI deployment

9. AI Revenue model “per user” .vs. “per view” .vs. “per API call”

10. AI Revenue model “software as a service” .vs. “consumer app”

11. AI Revenue model “ads” .vs. “social payment” .vs. “in-app purchase”

12. AI Start-up Incubator anyone?

I hope you are excited about our continue Deep Learning journey. We will continue to reply on Fast.ai from Professor Jeremy Howard – USF, but it is time step beyond the class to the real world.

A big thank you for Sunset Development company for hosting the meetup at the Bishop Ranch Business Center, Round House Conference Center, 2600 Camino Ramon, San Ramon, CA.

The meetup is open and free to all Bishop Ranch Business Center tenants and the public. It is a professional adult-only meetup. No high school students or kids, please.

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