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Re: [9-11-279] New Event: Double Feature: The Immigration Invasion & Trespassing Allow

From: user 2.
Sent on: Wednesday, May 30, 2007 3:39 AM
To Mark and others,
I am not currently living in San Diego, but have been considering it as a mini vacation.  However I feel Mark you are not seeing the whole picture.  The global government is what is enabling these illegals to come here in the first place.  I have not met any of you in this group, but I think this group is aware of that.  Companies give them health care, bank accounts, housing, and jobs without ever showing any form of ID. Now if you are a legal citizen of this country try doing that. You will be denied on the spot and probably laughed at.
You have very good points, but you aren't making the connection. The federal government already has the laws in place to deport Illegals, but that is not being done because of a global government plan and the North American Union.  I agree that a fence, at this time, would only be to keep us in.  The way you get the illegals out of here is cut off their source of goods and money, which would be fining any company that hires them without checking papers. This includes the middle class American that owns a landscaping business.  That in itself would scare companies and then illegals would go packing.  I know there are some great Hispanics trying to make a living here and those people I am not as concerned with (however they should go through the same bureaucracy we do as citizens).  The type I am concerned with are those that wrap themselves in the Mexican flag saying that California, Texas, and Arizona are now Mexico (la raza).  They are the ones that want to kill us and turn the southern part of the US into another Mexico. Mark have you ever heard of "The Plan of San Diego" ? The problem is the mainstream media only shows the good working illegal with 2 kids, well-dressed, in a nice little house.  What they don't want to show you is what it is really like. If they are so proud of Mexico then why are they coming here in the first place? Our government should put pressure on Mexico to get their country in order.  We cannot support 20+ million illegals, but I think nationally the numbers are more along the lines of 30 million.
I am glad that some others felt the need to reply because I thought I was alone. =D

> Kevin, people who want no borders are vehemently opposed to NAU,
> NAFTA, and all other "free trade" agreements, which you would know
> if you were familiar with any of us.
> Nationalism is a key part of fascism. Those of us who support human
> rights, support human rights for all humans everywhere, and we
> oppose the corporations that poison our air, our food, our water,
> our land, our workplaces, and everything they can with impunity,
> just to increase their profits. We oppose anything that takes
> decision-making out of the hands of those who would be most
> effected by it. We support grassroots democracy, decentralized
> government, equality and justice for all. Everywhere.
> No human being is illegal. And no poor person or worker is
> responsible for the wholesale outsourcing of jobs, GTO decisions
> that make it illegal for countries to ban poisons or ensure
> workplace safety, or any other real problem.
> You didn't read my post or respond to it. You're concerned about
> people here illegally, but most came here on legal work visas. The
> same corporations that outsourced U.S. jobs to other countries,
> then legally imported foreigners to work jobs here that couldn't be
> outsourced, because they'd work for less. And when they overstayed
> their visas, they became illegal. But they didn't cross as
> wetbacks, they flew business class on expense accounts with legal
> work permits and visas.
> Undocumented workers are not the problem. There are real problems
> which you mention, like NAU, but undocumented workers aren't
> causing them and have nothing to say about them. Had this event
> focused on NAU, I wouldn't have said a word. But you slipped up and
> gave away the real agenda when you mentioned 20 million "illegals."
> If we have 20 million illegals in the White House, the State
> Department, the Supreme Court, and Congress, where decisions like
> NAU get created and legislated, I'd be very surprised to hear about
> it.
> Germany did have a problem with their economy prior to WWII, but it
> wasn't the fault of the Jews, the Communists, the Catholics, the
> gays, the trade unionists, the disabled, or any other group
> targeted for extermination. We do have problems with our government
> and with globalization, but it isn't the fault of undocumented
> workers. Bringing scapegoats into a discussion just isn't something
> that decent people do.
> --Mark
> On 5/29/07, Kevin wrote:>  Mark,
>> I'm not sure you read my post entirely.
>> I was not arguing that we need a wall. I said a wall would do
>> nothing. And I agree that 9/11 was likely an inside job.
>> I don't agree that we can't salvage the constitution. Ron Paul is
>> a candidate who would bring it back.
>> What I was arguing is that the root of this problem lies in the
>> NAU. If we don't address that, there is no point going further
>> with a discussion on illegal immigrants, because this explains
>> every policy the government has in this area.
>> People that want no borders and people that want a wall are both
>> wrong, because they refuse to discuss the NAU, NAFTA, and all the
>> other so-called "free trade" agreements that are all the work of
>> the elites to take out the USA, and are at the core of this issue.
>> Kevin
>> "Mark E. Smith" wrote:>  Kevin, I agree that
>> we have a globalization problem, but not that we have an
>> immigration problem. As for Bush talking tough on terrorism,
>> isn't that what you're doing in supporting sealing the borders? I
>> happen to believe that 9/11 was an inside job, done by people
>> inside this government, not by foreigners, and I don't relish the
>> idea of walling myself inside with them so that I couldn't escape
>> the next 9/11.
>>> People have been coming here illegally since this country was
>>> founded. The pilgrims had no immigration visas. And if you
>>> succeed in sealing the borders, immigrants will still be able
>>> to get in more easily than you or I could get out, since many
>>> come in on work visas and simply overstay.
>>> Foreigners simply do not have the power to do the sort of
>>> damage in this country that government insiders can do.
>>> Foreigners cannot get our air defenses to stand down.
>>> Foreigners cannot stop our intelligence agencies from
>>> investigating and arresting terrorists they've had under
>>> surveillance. It was apparently a U.S. agency with no ties to
>>> Al Queda that placed those unclaimed put options.
>>> In case you haven't noticed, the Constitution is already
>>> shredded and the dollar belongs to China. Sealing the borders
>>> won't change that.
>>> As for illegals getting benefits that taxpayers don't, if the
>>> U.S. doesn't manage to ban Michael Moore's new film, which is
>>> scheduled to open in June, you might learn a lot more from that
>>> than from racist anti-immigrant videos. Homeland Security's ICE
>>> raids have been terrorizing immigrants, both legal and illegal,
>>> tearing apart families, putting young children who are U.S.
>>> citizens in prisons without the right to trials, attorneys, or
>>> appeals, and anyone who doesn't recognize this as fascism in
>>> action is ignorant of history. In Germany it was the Jews who
>>> were declared illegal, forbidden to work, and put in detention
>>> camps, which quickly turned into concentration camps. Google
>>> Pastor Niehmoller, because fascists always pick on the most
>>> vulnerable, the ones most people won't identify with or try to
>>> help, but sooner or later they will get around to you.
>>> Human rights must apply to all humans. Anywhere. This country
>>> does not respect human rights when it comes to Iraqis, Afghans,
>>> undocumented workers, those who are convicted of victimless
>>> crimes like drug use, and if you are a privileged white male,
>>> there will be many other groups who fall before they get around
>>> to you. But they WILL get around to you eventually, and it will
>>> be too late then, when you finally realize I was right.
>>> The wall is not to keep immigrants out, Kevin. So long as the
>>> government keeps issuing work visas, no wall can do that. It is
>>> to keep you in. Mark my words.
>>> --Mark
>>> On 5/29/07, Kevin wrote:>  Mark,
>>>> I think both viewpoints can be correct. We do have an
>>>> immigration problem, and here's the reason why: the North
>>>> America Union.
>>>> 9/11 Truth is just a symptom of the globalists' agenda, but
>>>> it is the one members of our group feel can make the most
>>>> difference if we expose it.
>>>> The North America Union is another part of their agenda on
>>>> the march to a new world order. Why does Bush talk so tough
>>>> on terrorism but do absolutely nothing about the mexican
>>>> border?
>>>> If the War on Terror was for real, the first thing that would
>>>> have happened is the borders would be sealed.
>>>> I don't think anyone here is blaming the immigrants
>>>> themselves. They come here for the opportunities they can't
>>>> find in their own countries.
>>>> But the fact remains, they are coming here in droves,
>>>> illegally. Should we just ignore this and move on? Or should
>>>> we look at the reasons why this is happening and do something
>>>> about it?
>>>> You're right that a wall (which will l ikely never get built
>>>> anyway) won't do anything about the problem.
>>>> But even if you believe in the MIHOP theory of 9/11, you
>>>> still have to believe that our foreign policy has pissed off
>>>> a lot of people in this world that would love to come to this
>>>> country and do damage. So there needs to be at least a
>>>> temporary protection of our borders while we clean up the
>>>> mess we made in Iraq, etc, before we can have a true open
>>>> borders policy.
>>>> For the long term, we need to expose and stop the NAU. The
>>>> reason Bush and the elites don't care about the illegal
>>>> immigration issue is that it actually helps their cause of
>>>> merging us with Canda & Mexico. Wow, 20 million people here
>>>> illegally, guess there's nothing we can do, what's the
>>>> difference if we merge countries?
>>>> Then the constitution is officially gone, so is the dollar,
>>>> and so is the USA.
>>>> When you understand the merger plans, then everything makes
>>>> sense- including why we give anyone who can make it across
>>>> the border all the benefits that the rest of us pay for
>>>> through taxes.
>>>> Losing the country is the bigger concern than losing jobs.
>>>> There are some great segments on Lou Dobbs' CNN show that
>>>> have dealt with this, check out youtube to see for yourself.
>>>> Cheers,
>>>> Kevin
>>>> "Mark E. Smith" wrote:>  My dear fellow
>>>> San Diegans for 9/11 Truth:
>>>>> Globalization involves the free movement of capital across
>>>>> borders, along with restrictions against the movement of
>>>>> labor across borders so that there can be no wage
>>>>> competition.
>>>>> When NAFTA flooded Mexico with U.S. corn, way below
>>>>> production cost, it drove millions of small Mexican farmers
>>>>> off their land. Mexico, which used to export corn, soon
>>>>> found itself having to import corn, and the prices were
>>>>> quickly raised so that now poor Mexicans cannot afford to
>>>>> buy corn flour for tortillas.
>>>>> It is a bit absurd to be concerned about Mexicans coming
>>>>> here and taking our jobs, when all the manufacturing and
>>>>> many high-tech jobs have been outsourced to India and China
>>>>> by CEOs. The guys who used to work in the Detroit auto
>>>>> plants or the steel industry weren't competing with
>>>>> undocumented workers for dishwashing and gardening jobs,
>>>>> and if they are now, it isn't the fault of the immigrants.
>>>>> Your problem, whether you understand it or not, is with the
>>>>> globalist government that is going to do the same thing to
>>>>> you that it did to the Mexicans. When all those cheap goods
>>>>> from China get cut off and you find out that nothing is
>>>>> manufactured here any more, or when martial law is
>>>>> declared, you may wish to cross the border into Mexico, and
>>>>> the wall that you built to keep the Mexicans out, is going
>>>>> to keep you in.
>>>>> Don't say that I didn't warn you.
>>>>> --Mark
>>>>> On 5/29/07, Abby Martin wrote:>
>>>>> A special announcement from Abby Martin, Organizer of The
>>>>> San Diego 9/11 Questions Meetup Group
>>>>>> Announcing a new event for The San Diego 9/11 Questions
>>>>>> Meetup Group!
>>>>>> What: Double Feature: The Immigration Invasion &
>>>>>> Trespassing Allowed
>>>>>> When: Thursday, May 31, 7:00 PM
>>>>>> Where: Click the link below to find out!
>>>>>> Event Description: 911 Truth meetup Member Jimmy Mac
>>>>>> presents:
>>>>>> This month we are again showing a double feature of two
>>>>>> adjunct areas the globalist's use in their drive for
>>>>>> world government. And as you will learn they are both
>>>>>> essential weapons with a covert agenda that are used to
>>>>>> chauffeur and herd we unsuspecting Americans into the New
>>>>>> World Order. So in addition to all the information you've
>>>>>> learned regarding the truth about "911", here is
>>>>>> presented more truth that will make you aware of the
>>>>>> enormous scope of the conspirators plans to establish the
>>>>>> New World Order with them running it. This is important
>>>>>> because when you explain 911 to others don't they ask
>>>>>> why? These documentaries expose their motive, and
>>>>>> provides you with answers to that question.
>>>>>> "The Immigration Invasion" - How should America deal with
>>>>>> the increase of Mexico-to-US border crossings resulting
>>>>>> in millions of immigrants living here illegally? This
>>>>>> invasion across the Mexican border is not an accident,
>>>>>> but is a premeditated action meant to be part of a larger
>>>>>> plan to submerge the United States into a regional bloc
>>>>>> of nations. First Canada and Mexico, but later it will
>>>>>> include Central and Latin America. This video contains an
>>>>>> insightful analysis of the political realities portrayed
>>>>>> therein. That analysis delineates the problems this
>>>>>> threat poses to the United States, and offers realistic
>>>>>> solutions to the problem.
>>>>>> "Trespassing Allowed"- Free Trade Area of the Americas'
>>>>>> provides startling insights into the next phase of what
>>>>>> Henry Kissinger described as "the architecture of a new
>>>>>> international system." Advocates of NAFTA and subsequent
>>>>>> so-called "free trade" agreements promised that they
>>>>>> would foster economic progress, enhance domestic
>>>>>> prosperity and raise living standards. But have they?
>>>>>> Trespassing Allowed examines the full revolutionary
>>>>>> consequences for U.S. borders, jobs lost, the out-of-
>>>>>> control immigration crisis and shows how the architects
>>>>>> of a centralized global economy are working overtime to
>>>>>> obliterate
>>>>>> the American middle class.
>>>>>> Come see these documentaries Thursday May 31st 7:00 PM at
>>>>>> 6062 Wanda Court, San Diego. Directions: Take Twain Av.
>>>>>> (east) off Mission Gorge and go one block to Wanda Court.
>>>>>> All attendees will receive free the DVD "Overview of
>>>>>> America". that explains in a simple fashion the different
>>>>>> systems of government throughout the world and the
>>>>>> different economic principles underlying each type of
>>>>>> government.
>>>>>> Learn more here:
>>>>>> --
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>>>>>> San Diego 9/11 Questions Meetup Group.
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