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漢語角 Chinese Conversation Meetup
Are you interested in learning the Chinese language or improving your Chinese speaking skills? Come to our Chinese Conversation Meetup to practice, where you can also learn more about Chinese culture, customs, food, and make some new friends too. If you are currently taking a Chinese class at school or pursuing self-study, feel free to bring your textbooks to study/practice with fellow group members. Some of us are almost always there until the 茶坊 closes at 24:00, so feel free to pop in late if you can't make it earlier. Do not be discouraged from coming if you see a small number of RSVPs. There are many people who come regularly and never RSVP (despite getting their hands slapped repeatedly for this). Typical attendance at these is 20 to 30. We welcome all levels of Chinese speakers, from beginner to native speaker, as long as you are interested in learning. Feel free to join us and enjoy great conversations in Mandarin or the obscure dialect of your choice. In exchange for providing free space for us to hold this meetup, it is expected that each person attending order at least one food or drink item. In addition, please do not bring in any outside food or drink. The time that people show up varies from week to week. If you show up at 19:00 and can't find anyone, please wait around. Sometimes there's a big group right from the beginning, and other weeks no one shows up until 19:30 or 20:00. If you need any help or materials for learning Chinese, please let us know. We are always willing to assist you in a task that we know is not always easy. Have any ideas or suggestions for future meetups? Please feel free to shout them out. We're happy to hear from our members. See you at the Meetup! 週四見!

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A place for those interested in Chinese language and Chinese culture to get together. Most activities are both social and a place for us to practice our Chinese tongues and/or our Chinese taste buds. Both 中華人 and 老外 are welcome!

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