What we're about

San Diego Microbiome is a San Diego community of those interested in the microbiome and metagenomics in San Diego and where the future is headed. There are 100 associated genes within our microbiome for every 1 human gene we have. Greater than 100 trillion microorganisms live in our gut, mouth, skin and other surfaces of our bodies. With how quickly sequencing technologies have been advancing, we can learn not only how these microorganisms influence human health and disease, but also about how it impacts areas such as agriculture, the environment, forensics, etc.

Given we have some of the most leading academic centers and research groups in the world in San Diego, we are seeking to bring together everyone to encourage sharing of ideas, education, and to build a community around all topics relating to the microbiome and metagenomics.

We welcome individuals with various backgrounds ranging from the local San Diego science and research community to software and tech. We aim to have a meeting or talk every month with talks by experts in the fields, panels, etc.

We are excited to learn about what everyone is working on and also to talk about the future of microbiome research and metagenomics.

Past events (1)

Metaproteomics and Galaxy workshop in San Diego on March 25th

Town and Country Resort & Convention Center,

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