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Mind Mastery Event - Reconnect with your Core Self
When you came into this world you were perfect. Full of excitement and wonder as you learned more about this world. Are you still full of that spirit of discovery and adventure. Are you full of wonder at the amazing opportunities opening up before you? If you feel that you have lost that connection with your innermost self, then this event is for you. There is a lot to learn and experience in this event designed to heal you and bring you back to your core essence. This is one of many Mind Mastery events designed to literally rock your way of thinking and forever change your world. Each month a different topic is selected for a single session event. The topic is typically announced about 30 days before the session. Each meeting has about 30 minutes of theory, discussion and question and answer on the selected topic. This is followed by 90 minutes of group hypnosis, during which the change work is performed in your subconscious. The change actually happens during this session and continues to integrate deeper into your subconscious for several days after the session. The San Diego North County Hypnosis Club is dedicated to bringing the benefits of hypnosis and Energy Healing to you. We focus on different topics each month and are open to member suggestions. In each session, you WILL gain something that you can take away and use IMMEDIATELY to improve your life. I promise what I can and do deliver. As a Hypnotherapist and Energy healer with years of practice, I have the skills to bring about rapid, transformation and change in your life. It does not matter how long you have been struggling in your life with a particular problem. If you have the desire to change, then hypnosis and Energy healing can help you achieve it. So, whether you are new to hypnosis or have years of experience - this session is for you to discover first hand, what hypnosis and Energy healing can do for YOU. There is a fee of $35 for each person participating in this event. Do yourself a favor and RSVP a YES right now to benefit from the power of hypnosis and Energy healing.

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Hi. I am Ram a Master Hypnotist and Certified Hypnotherapist with a practice in Vista California.

In my practice I have helped clients to EFFORTLESSLY lose weight, stop smoking, eliminate phobias, reduce stress instantly, get rid of test anxiety, improve sports performance, resolve relationship issues, improve self confidence, end procrastination - to name but a few.

I started this group to dispel some of the myths surrounding hypnosis. I find that 99% of what people think they know about hypnosis is false.

If you have ever been curious about hypnosis you should join this group. At our meetups we will explain how hypnosis works, and why it works. Many truths about the mind, how information is processed and stored in the brain, as well as about the details of hypnosis will be revealed. There will be demonstrations, training classes, freebees and, from time to time, discounted hypnotherapy sessions will be offered to the members of this group.

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