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Thousands of women and children are assaulted and abducted every year. Many of these tragedies could have been avoided. More Importantly YOU CAN KEEP THEM FROM HAPPENING TO YOU.

This meetup focuses on simple, safe and effective self defense techniques that WILL work for you.

You don't need a black belt or years of martial arts training to make it work. In just a couple of hours we can show you exactly what you need to know in order survive and escape the vast majority of dangerous situations you might encounter.

Our seminars teach you street awareness and and practical information gathered from martial arts experts and law enforcement agencies from around the world.

All our meetups are fun, safe and simple. The techniques are tremendously fun to learn, and the people just plain great to practice with.

All skills levels are welcome. All we care about is that you have a sincere desire to do the drills and get some skills. If you are just getting started in this area we can help you protect your self and your loved ones in the minimum amount of time possible.

Join our happy family today and tell all of your friends. I look forward to seeing you at our next self defense party.

Your loyal friend and Self Defense Coach.

Grand Master David L. Snyder
8th Degree Black Belt

PLEASE NOTE: IF you Are a True Martial Arts Maniac Like ME... You may want to check out our other Meetups. Most Are Free Most of the Time and We have a Blast! Cool Stuff For Cool People!

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FREE SEMINAR: Secrets of Personal Self Defense

Action Performance Training Center


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FREE SEMINAR: Secrets of Personal Self Defense

Academy of Self Defense

FREE SEMINAR: Secrets of Personal Self Defense

Academy of Self Defense