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This club is about Personal Development. Our goal is to present powerful information and ideas through fun, entertaining and professional workshops that translate directly into lasting positive results in your life.

To achieve "Popular Success", wealth or fame in this country all we need is a hit song or TV show, best selling book or a large athletic contract! However, as we have seen in far too many of these cases, there can be crippling dysfunction in many other areas of life including substance abuse, domestic violence and other devastating behavior.

On the other hand, the attainment of lasting "True Success" in life indicates that one is developing through Personal Development a healthy balance in all areas of life including: (1) family values and relationships, (2) social relationships, (3) mental, (4) physical and (5) spiritual health, (6) vocational (career) development and (7) financial success.

In this life we don't have to wait for a promotion, good fortune or that lucky break to experience joy, security and fulfillment beyond belief. As Jim Rohn stated, we need not sit like rock or tree, or have our behavior dictated to us by our instinct and genetic code like a goose that must fly south each winter. We as humans have the dignity of choice. We can choose to sit and wait or we can take action. We can jump on opportunity or just watch and let it pass us by. Let's come together as students of life and of success in order to grow together! Our physical health, mental state and future fortune will only be what we make of them. Righting our "inner world" is the best and most sustaining way to positively impact our "outer world" and life experience.

Join us and enjoy the positive impact that relevant and uplifting information can have on launching your life experience skyward!

FEES: There is no fee to be a member of this club. Some meetups will be free of charge and will be listed as such in their description. Those events that do require a fee associated with registration will be clearly marked as having such in their posting.

REGULAR GROUP MEETINGS: This group offers its members regularly scheduled live presentation and workshop events delivered primarily by Dr. Steven Mills, D.C. with occasional world class guest presenters.

WEB AND MULTI-MEDIA: In time we will implement live webinars and teleclasses for our members as well as Podcasts/Video Blog, photo and audio/video recordings of presentations and interviews with experts in each of the above seven areas of personal achievement.

OUR INVITATION TO YOU!! This is a place for all who wish to shake off mediocrity, fear, hesitation, doubt and stagnation; for those who would like to join other like minded individuals in moving beyond average and mere existence to discovering the power of intention, vibrant health, momentum and fulfilling achievement in life.

CURRENT WORKSHOP LISTINGS: It is recommended that if you plan on attending any event associated at all with this club (whether it's a regularly occurring meeting or a special event) that you visit this web site periodically and then again immediately before the workshop in order to verify exact topic and location information as well as any up to date cancellation or rescheduling adjustments which would occur only extremely rarely but that could happen.

MEETING LOCATIONS: The exact location and Success Club meeting details may change as each event may entail or acquire unique features such as changes in facility requirements, length of events, environmental (i.e. room) requirements and seating capacity, etc. Also, from time to time special speakers and events may be scheduled in addition to and outside of our primary regularly occurring meeting days and times. ***Therefore, all up coming topics and events should be viewed and confirmed simply by visiting this site.

We look forward to meeting you!

Dr. Steve DC

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