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This group is for those that love to travel. We are primarily geared toward independent foreign travel, meaning not using a tour company or cruise line. We welcome both those who are well traveled and those who have never ventured over borders. We hope that by bringing these two groups together we can help out everyone. It seems that most of the travel groups on Meetup are run by people trying to sell you something, such as multi-level marketing scams. This group is run by lovers of independent travel and we are not here for financial gain and will not subject you to any marketing pitches (though we may occasionally host a speaker who has a book to sell). Although seemingly any information is available on the internet these days, it can still be helpful to get together to trade tips and stories and get questions answered. You may even find a travel partner!

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Explore South America...
Needs a date and time

Bay Hill Tavern

**** contact me via email on this site with your name, phone and interests. when i get REAL interest in this trip, I will schedule a meet and greet. we will be planning this trip together. we can all meet our needs and interests if we allow for som people to be involved in some areas/ parts of the trip and some for others. This is a BIG TRIP and is definitely not for everybody.

It will take quite a bit of planning, time, money and desire to go.

I was looking at a list of the top 20 places to see before you die (definitely a subjective list) and Noticed that 4 of them are in South America.

Galapagos Islands

Macho Picchu

Rio de Janeiro

and Torres del Paine National Park (in Chile)

I thought why not organize a trip around some of those fantastic areas.

Also the top of South America has Costa Rica, a very popular spot our gals have talked about going. The Caribbean Sea is right off the top of the country and even Cuba is in the area. So who is up for exploring South America. I mean really exploring South America.

A mixture of hikes and cities and Airbnb and Couchsurfing and other cheaper lodging mixed in with hotels whenever we need to get cleaned up or just want to. You don't need to be in for the whole 6 weeks to two months, but if you are interested in part of it well I say, lets go.

Timing is everything. We can figure that out when we meet.

If you have extensive knowledge of South America, I would welcome your info via email to me. If you have been on long trips like this and have any info I'd love to hear from you as well. Also email me with phone numbers etc if you want to talk or meet one on one vs a group of gals. I look forward to hearing from the Adventure Seekers in this Group!!!!!

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