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There have been many energetic changes since 2012. We have all begun to rise in consciousness, elevating our vibration to match the vibration of source/the universe. Through this process, we are learning how to walk in spirit. Walking in spirit is a transformative process that requires mustering up every bit of courage to face the darkness within ourselves. Transcendent processes like these are manifested in and outside of the body in various ways.

What does this mean? In 2018 there have been many people, including myself, who have gone through and are going through many uncomfortable changes in order to allow space for energetic changes that are happening beyond realms we could possibly understand at this time. These changes have pushed some of us to the edge of giving up on life itself. You are not alone.

Many of us have been experiencing what is know as the "Dark Night of the Soul". This experience is necessary for almost all who are incarnate on the earth at this time. This is a necessary process to bring awareness to the perceived darkness inside of all of us in order to integrate it into the light within.

Awareness leads to INTEGRATION and this is essential. Integration is THE KEY to unlocking the potential inside of you.

Integration is the biggest concept that most of us are unaware of because we have been taught that our "darkness" or our Shadow Self is a bad thing. This causes us to resist what is, and what we resist persists. Our Shadow Self is what we have been programmed to believe is "bad" about ourselves through our family, peers, media, ect.

In the beginning of 2019, I would like to invite you to take a journey with me, as well as many wonderful and talented guest teachers, in meeting your shadow self. I invite you to explore and expose the roots, to shed light on the lies you tell yourself and to GROW.

This process is not meant to make you feel bad or unworthy, it is meant for you to meet the child within, understand your unmet needs and desires, and reveal the behaviors that you have built up over the years to subconsciously meet these needs/desires. It is a call to integrity. To finally take down the veil.

Let's build a community together...I hope to see you there!

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