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Boca Raton- Advanced Doubles
This is for A level players who should know the rules, but if you have any questions please google and consult the "Official FIVB Rules[masked] (" At this level, you must be able to receive and pass with consistency, as well as play with an emphasis on trying to make 3 hits per possession. If you are not A level please do not RSVP! Play Format: • The teams will be comprised of 2, (co-ed) Players depending on the attendance. • Each team will be arranged so the games are as fair and fun as possible. I will try to mix it up so you play with different players (it will improve your game). Bring something to drink and a great attitude. See everyone on the sand! Dan

Meadows Park and Pool

Boca Raton, Florida · Boca Raton, Fl

What we're about

This group is all about connecting with other Beach Volleyball players (of the same skill-level) and getting out there for some fun in the sand.

What is different about Sandballers?

• This is a P2P group (Peer To Peer)... Volleyball like many sports is more enjoyable when played with Peers of similar skill level.

• P2P and can also stand for (Pay To Play)... While the majority of the meetups will be free to attend, there be be some select venues and times that will require "renting" the courts, in these case the rental fee will be dissapated among the players who RSVP for that particular event.

• This group is NOT geographically limited. The intention of this group is to build a network of smaller playing communities that can all be part of the greater SandBallers group.

• This group is NOT only about playing doubles (2x2). While beach volleyball is often synonymous with doubles, this will also organize 3x3, 4x4 and in some cases 5x5.

• This is a co-ed group and meetups are for both male and female players. That being said, there may be cases where it is men's only or women's only event so that the net height may be adjusted properly.

• The games will be played using FIVB Offical Volleyball Rules 2015-2016 which can be referenced here as a PDF: FIVB 2015-2016 Rules (

*The only exception is the rule about a contacting the ball during a block counting as one of the three touches. Unless otherwise stated a "touch" during a block attempt is not one of the three allowed touches.

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