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Women's Night! - Indoor Dodgeball
It's Women's Night at NYC Dodgeball! You know what that means- all the fun, less the stench! If you're a rock star athlete, never played before, don't think you're athletic, haven't played since you were a kid, or supreme dodgeball master of the universe - all welcome. We'll introduce you around, make you feel welcome out there whatever your athletic/skill level or not, explain everything, and run around for a couple hours! (And then go to the bar!) We play dodgeball every week. And we run coed social leagues too: We're community group and all that jazz but we're between seasons now and wanna do some special nights like this! Who: Exactly 1 buttload of good people, 21+ What: Indoor Old School Dodgeball!...then bar party with everyone! Why: Because where else can you be active, blow off steam from work, and meet new people? Where: 268 Mulberry street @ 7 pm Price: New or bringing someone new? Its FREE! That's right, doesn't get any cheaper than that! Any questions, don't hesitate! We'll get back to you! A firm embrace, Ari #dodgeball #newyork #free

St Patrick's youth Center

268 Mulberry Street · 10012, NY

What we're about

We get together every week to play dodgeball - and then head out to our sponsor bar for drink deals and bar games. And it's FREE for new people! And you should probably come do that too, wouldn't you say?! Coed, social sports: shenanigans, tomfoolery, ballyhoo, and general smiley good time funsies all around!

Looking forward to getting to know some fresh faces, meeting good people, and playing with some new folk play in our upcoming season!

Why would you NOT want to run around like a kid, make friends, and have a beer? Inconceivable!



Old school playground dodgeball is back! Just like Mr. Jameson's 3rd grade gym class - but this time, instead of going back to math class, eating mom's PB&J, and worrying about cooties - you get to go back to a bar, and drink beer, and maybe flirt with people. Better.

We do play each other hard. Because it's fun. And fun's our favorite. Scraped knees are cool.

We do not play each other angry. Because it's dodgeball. You're not a baller. You're playing a children's game. No one's out there to hurt anyone or being a hothead or we just don't let them play.

So come for the dodging. Stay for the drinking.

Everyone is welcome! Bring your brother! Bring your girlfriend! Bring that coworker you think is cute and want an excuse to hang out with! Bring your mom and her PB&J sandwiches!



Play solo, with friends, or a whole team! Not sure on your skill level or time commitment? No problem, we build teams, get ya shirts, all you gotta do is sign up by Sept 13th (

Most playing time, coolest social scene, and the cheapest league in the city, doesn't get any better than that!




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