What we're about

Sandstorm is an open source operating system for personal and private clouds. Sandstorm is the easiest way you've ever seen to run Google Drive alternative (https://opensource.com/life/15/12/5-open-source-web-apps-self-hosted)web apps like Etherpad, Davros, SandForms, Hacker Slides, and Etherpad on your own server. We also have other great web apps like Gitlab, Rocket.Chat, WordPress, and Wekan on our App Market (https://apps.sandstorm.io/).

Meet Sandstorm's core developers as well as users, app developers, and people who are excited to run Sandstorm for themselves or for their company. We'll learn from each other, share info about apps we like and apps we wrote, and have conversations about where Sandstorm should go next. Please join us!

For more information about Sandstorm:
www.sandstorm.io (http://www.sandstorm.io/)

www.twitter.com/Sandstormio (https://twitter.com/Sandstormio)


www.plus.google.com/+SandstormIo (https://plus.google.com/+SandstormIo)

Blank Sandstorm-themed slides for your talks can be found here (https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1niJzuaJlC6VmxIVWdi88EP7mvAl6VX3f0vpF70nIf-4/edit#slide=id.p).

Past events (2)

The Future of Sandstorm's Powerbox UI by Sandstorm Dev Drew - Newcomers Welcome

ImpactHub (Boston) in the Aristotle Conference Room on the 15th Floor

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