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This is a spiritual community group started by Sanlyn Wellness Centre, for like minded individuals, interested in sharing and expressing metaphysical and intuitive thoughts in a safe, friendly and open environment, including skeptics & questioners.

Topics discussed range from and around Metaphysical Aspects, Extra Sensory Experiences, Intuition, Consciousness, Chakra Understanding, Energy Healing, Past Life Regression, Hypnosis, Channeling, and many more.

We are excited to hear about your experiences, wisdoms and knowledge. Come and join us!

We are all about: Discussions, exploration and development of self. By the people, for the people.

Other areas of interest & exploration are: Intuitive Development, Indigo & Crystal Child Experiences, ET & UFO Phenomenon, Crop Circles & the Paranormal, Lucid Dreams, Meditation, Mediumship, Psychology & Psychotherapy, Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy, Out of Body Experiences, Ascension, Light Workers & Healers, Astral Projection, Alternative Health & Wellness, Esoteric Subjects, Alternative Thinking, Overcoming Stress and Emotional concerns, Philosophy, Clairvoyance, Mysticism, New Age, Psychic Experiences, Meaning of Life, Deeper Fulfillment, Kabbalah, Divine & Spiritual Guidance... and many others. Everybody can bring something new to the table and expand everybody's minds.

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Hands-on "Paint & Heal" Painting Workshop for All Levels!

Needs a location

Lightworkers & Healers: Your Stories/Experiences

Needs a location

Past Lives: An Exploration & Discussion

Needs a location

Discover YOUR Spirit Guides Night

Needs a location

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