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Welcome New Friends to Santa Barbara Wise Women Over 40 Meetup!

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We are Jan Edwards, Ann Harbaugh, and Coreena Linares Main.

I'm Jan. I'm a "newbie!" I grew up in El Segundo. After raising my sons (ages 35 and 22) in Huntington Beach for 22 years, I decided to simplify and lighten my life, get rid of almost all possessions, and take my businesses on the road. After a couple of extended weekends in Santa Barbara in 2017, a spark was lit, and I moved here June 30th, 2018 to begin my next chapter. I'm a Ghostwriter-Editor and Self Realization Life Guide, with a desire to build my new "tribe," share wisdom, explore self-discovery, inspire others, and be inspired.

My businesses/Youtube/Blog sites/FB: https://linktr.ee/edwards.jan

Eml: Giftedghostwriter@yahoo.com or jan@thegeniusandjoylifeexperience.com.

I'm Ann. I moved to Santa Barbara in '96 after having spent 10 years in LA. I'm an energy practitioner for healing animals, a bead artist, an avid reader, and a huge fan of Meetup. As a member, I have made friends, had fun, and learned new things. I enjoy helping our members connect with the many wonderful women, events, and activities that Wise Women Over 40 offers. I hope everyone in our Meetup enjoys a rich and rewarding experience and makes many new friends.

I'm Coreena. I’m originally from Riverside, California and moved to Goleta with my husband in 2016. I have two children, ages 23 and 24. This past year, I became an empty nester, and I’m learning to love it. I’m semi retired and looking forward to this new chapter in my life. I have a passion for all things crafty.

Our members are vital women in our 40's, 50's, 60's, and 70's+ who meet, get to know each other, share our stories, our desires, and our wisdom, discover and embrace our authentic selves, develop empowered connections, and have fun, engaging in experiences that enhance our lives.

We have 6-10 meetup activities per month, to appeal to and respond to the diverse desires and requests of our group members. They are on weeknights, weekdays, weekend nights, and weekend days, depending on the activity and venue. Each is announced ahead of time. We invite all of you to request, create, and/or host an activity or event that you desire, so look in the "More" tab at the top menu board of this group, then click on "Message Board" and view the message with subject line "Members wanting to host events..." to see the information needed to schedule an activity, and either Meetup message Jan, or email her at giftedghostwriter@yahoo.com or jan@thegeniusandjoylifeexperience.com!

Some meetups will be a simple get together for coffee, happy hour, a meal, a game, a movie, a walk, crafting, or cooking. Some will be deeper adventures into self discovery, navigating transitions, and women empowerment, through visioning, writing workshops, 1 day retreats, "next thing discussions," story sharing, anti-aging, networking, nature appreciation, body wisdom, book signings/ talks, hikes/picnics, music circles, tai chi, Qigong, farm/garden tours, meditation/mindfulness/ guided breath work, culture, health, art, music/concerts, beach sunset circles, classes in art, cooking, gentle yoga for seniors, games, retirement, esoteric activities, and more.

Member Dues are $10 per year, to cover Meetup Organizer fees, other expenses, and our time (Meetup and We Pay take 12.5% of this, so we actually receive $8.75). Upon joining, you have a 30 day grace period, offering you a chance to attend an activity or two before payment is due. You will receive 2 automated Meetup reminders, 7 days and 1 day before your 30 day trial period is up, but if you ignore the messages and don't make your payment by the 30th day, the system will automatically delete you from this group and you will no longer be able to see details, RSVP to activities, or receive any messages, so please keep a watch out for that. Payment is easily made through the Meetup Dues area on your member page in this group, or you can pay Jan or Ann in person at an event.

Activity and Event Fees are $1, $2, or $3, depending on the event, to compensate the host's site reservation, time, and preparation. These will be posted in the event descriptions.

Members Wanting to Create or Host an Event is encouraged. There is an outline created just for this purpose that details what information is needed to send to Jan, which can be found on the Message Board in the "More" tab at the top of our Meetup page.

RSVP's are important and need to be updated by you if there is any change in your attendance. Not showing up for an activity or event 3 times, without updating your rsvp will result in your removal from the group.

Please keep in mind the name and purpose of this group (Wise WOMEN-not men-Over 40) and be sure your guest fits our group ID (women over 40). There is a unique, special, and rich essence that bonds the gathering of women over 40 that we want to treasure and strengthen. While your husband/boyfriend/ daughter may love to join you, this is not the group to accommodate that. Thank you for understanding.

Computer, Technology, Smart Phone, Meetup Site Navigation: If you know a woman over 40 who is skilled in technology, computers, Meetup profile and settings, Smart phone access, and other related abilities and interested in assisting our members in these areas, Jan will facilitate an opening for her to do so. Please let Jan know.

We look forward to meeting each of you and to sharing our stories, our work in the world, our wisdom, our journeys, our visions, and ourselves!

Jan & Ann


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Upcoming events (5)

Crafting At Rose's House Every 3rd Tuesday

1733 Calle Cerro


Come and explore your creativity, socialize and have a lot of fun at Rose's charming home on the 3rd Tuesday of every month. We will be making paper crafts: card making with collage and rubber stamping, origami boxes, simple books, gift bags, and other paper crafts. Rose will provide instructions for those who need them and any paper goods being used that day: card stock, envelopes, bags, fancy scissors, glue, etc. You're welcome to bring any additional supplies you want to use: ribbons, glitter, special images, fancy paper, sparkles, etc. Soup and tea will be provided. You’re welcome to bring snacks, salad, dessert. When you RSVP, please comment on what you will be bringing; it helps with planning. $3 donation will help pay for materials. Rose Pizzorno's House 1733 Calle Cerro Santa Barbara, CA[masked]

Wise Women Over 40 Coffee & Conversation

Online event

Welcome to Wise Women Over 40's Online Coffee and Conversation. Join us on Zoom to connect, catch up, and support each other during this interesting time we're living through. To join the call: Scroll down and click on the link below "Join Zoom Meeting". A box will open that says "Click on the Link". If it's your first time using Zoom it will ask you to download the Zoom app. You can download Zoom by clicking on the link provided. When you have joined the meeting look at the lower left of the screen where you will see a camera and a mic icon (if you're using a computer). Click on each of those to enable your image and sound.

"Dining For Women" A Giving Circle Potluck

TBA Santa Barbara

DINING FOR WOMEN ~ CHANGING THE WORLD, ONE WOMAN, ONE GIRL, ONE DINNER AT A TIME WWO40 members Jane and Virginia are excited to create a brand new chapter of Dining For Women (DFW) for our Wise Women Over 40 (WW040) members to participate in! DFW is a global giving circle that celebrates the power of the individual and promotes gender equality in developing countries. Acting on changing injustice through funds raised from grassroots projects, DFW members are deeply involved in the grantees they support and the problems they seek to address. (Scroll down for more info & website of DFW) What: We will meet on a regular basis to share a meal (potluck) and camaraderie and learn about that the month's featured grantees through viewing videos, educational documents, presentations, and free open discussion. The education component is equally as important as our fundraising. The average donation is $35 – just about the amount you might spend for a weeknight dinner out. When: This monthly event will meet the 1st Tuesday of each month. Where: Address will be sent out privately to the rsvps. Please let Jane or Virginia know if you would like to offer your home or private space for one of these monthly dinners. Parking: TBA https://diningforwomen.org Although, DFW has invested more than $6 million in grants and partnerships since its inception in 2003, their members are generally not wealthy. Small donations raised each month fund the featured and sustained grantees, as well as support the entire DFW mission: Changing the World ~ One woman, One girl, One dinner at a time. This collective-giving model is proving that small contributions, aggregated together, can make a huge difference. This is especially true in the most impoverished areas of the world, where some subsist on less than $1.25 a day. Bring: This is a free event, with the intention that members will support these worthy causes with small donations. This is a potluck, so bring a dish to share. (If you would be interested in trying the local fare of the area of the featured organization, each month the DWF website will offer recipes for local dishes.) The host will provide dinnerware and soft drinks. Feel free to bring wine or other drinks to accompany dinner. For donations, the easiest form is check, but credit cards can be accommodated, as well. Please avoid cash, if possible. You may bring a guest. Minimum number of attendees needed each month: 3 Hosts/Questions/Info: Primary: Jane[masked], [masked] Co-host: Virginia:[masked]

2nd Tuesday Monthly Happy Hour or Dinner!

Online event

Please join us online for good company and engaging conversation and a chance to catch up during this interesting time. Join Zoom Meeting https://us02web.zoom.us/j/86109978431 Meeting ID:[masked] One tap mobile [masked],,[masked]# US (San Jose) [masked],,[masked]# US (Houston) Dial by your location [masked] US (San Jose) [masked] US (Houston) [masked] US (Tacoma) [masked] US (Chicago) [masked] US (New York) [masked] US (Germantown) Meeting ID:[masked] Find your local number: https://us02web.zoom.us/u/kdog9jVjnm

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