Harold Davis - Flowers for Transparency and The Zen of Photography

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The Santa Clara Camera Club is honored to host internationally-renowned photographer Harold Davis at the April 4th program night. Harold Davis is a bestselling author of many books, the developer of a unique technique for photographing flowers for transparency, a Moab Master, and a Zeiss Ambassador. He is also a sought-after workshop leader.

Harold has prepared two presentations.

“Photographing Flowers for Transparency” – Harold Davis is the inventor of a digital workflow and set of techniques involving specific kinds of back lighting that make it possible to create luminous translucent imagery. These techniques are particularly effective when creating botanical art. At the core of the technique is a method of floral arrangement on a light box, followed by a sequence of aligned and bracketed high-key HDR exposures. Post-processing involves painting in the layers for transparency in Photoshop, and in some cases finishing the images by applying it to a background or adding a texture.

“The Zen of Photography” is adapted from a talk at Google, and showcases Harold's work in the context of how we become more creative, what is worth seeing, the camera as an extension of personality, when life and personality intersect, and (last but not least) understanding monochromatic imagery in the digital era.

Harold's website is www.digitalfieldguide.com .
For more information on Harold’s workshops, please visit https://www.digitalfieldguide.com/learning/workshops-events . Upcoming destination photo workshops include Paris (end of April) and Morocco (October).
Harold’s blog at https://www.digitalfieldguide.com/blog has literally thousands of stories and is considered a top photography blog.