What we're about

All of the meetups of this group will be at the Church of Scientology Peninsula Testing Center in Santa Clara.
I am Mike Smith, and I once had problems communicating. I have been helped to communicate better, and now find it easy to communicate with individuals and groups. I would like to share what I have learned.
This is a group dedicated to improving the abilities of its members to handle job, relationships, and life with better communication.
Among the services we provide are free personality and IQ testing, free public lectures and video showings, and paid supervised courses which can dramatically increase your skill and comfort level in communicating with others. Many people can talk but few really master communication to the point where they can handle situations, build agreement, defuse tension, and better relationships. This group is for those desiring that level of skill.
I will be setting up meetings regularly. Please contact me at 650 383-4850.

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