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This group is for creators of Fantasy and/or SciFi; novels, poems, movies, video games, comics, and more. If you are interested in creating stories in the fantasy and scifi genres, you are welcome here!

We are a basic MeetUp; which means only 50 members at a time. To that end we try to build a committed, supportive community among our members. We hope you'll try to join us for a meet at least once every two months so that we can keep the conversations going!

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Yeganeh Bakery and Cafe

Hello Writers! Let's get together and talk about - books! Specifically, which books (or comics) that you'd like to recommend to he rest of the group. Is there an author who's voice you just love? A specific story that you felt was handled really well? That one book that was written with perfect technical skill? Is there a style that you wish you could emulate, or were just plain amazed by? Bring along the title, the author, or even the book if you have it, and share so that we can all widen our horizons. We have a location! Yeganeh Bakery. They'll have a space for us in the back, and they have food and drink available for those that want such. Thanks, everyone! Best, Maya

Create Your Own Adventure: Challenge!

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Hello Writers! I have two words for you; NaNoWriMo and Inktober. Begun in 1999 and 2009, respectively, these two events each have a huge following! They are amazing challenges for creators! They push limits! And, good gravy, are they both really hard. I, like many other writers, have tried my hand at NaNoWriMo and (sadly, like many other writers) I was not able to finish the challenge as it was set. There were a lot of things that contributed to my inability to meet the challenge requirements: - The time frame: One month to get out 50,000 words! - The quantity of work: 50,000 words! In a month. - The chosen month of the challenge: November. With all those holidays coming up! - The isolation: Though there is a large online community involved with both of these challenges, it was hard to be going it alone, while adding on top of that - if I did want help, community, a sounding board, or even just some cheerleading, I needed to find someone able to provide and find the time to reach out to them. It was just too easy to feel alone while I was working on the challenge. The thing is, though, these challenges are fun! People like a challenge! I like a challenge! But, you know, I have shit going on. So, maybe I’d like a challenge that was… maybe, a little less challenging? Can that happen? The short answer? Yes! The long answer? We’re making our own challenge. I’m super excited, because it’s going to be a co-challenge launched in both our group (SV SciFi/Fantasy Writers), and in the artist-heavy online community of one of our very own writers: Susie’s PaperDemon.com. As I mentioned, other challenges out there have some characteristics that make them particularly hard for people who have full time jobs, are students, have kids, have health issues/limitations/demands, or who in general have a lot going on in their lives. So, our Create Your Own Adventure challenge is going to address all of those things! - The time frame: We’re giving you two whole months! - The quantity of work: Get this - you get to set your own goal! Do you want to try to 50,000 words? Only 20,000? Heck, only two pages? Maybe you want to concentrate on research specifically for your writing - that’s okay! The goal is your’s to create, and I encourage you to make a goal that fits your life. - The chosen time of the challenge: That’s right folks - we’re not doing this in October or November, leading up to the busiest of busy holiday seasons. No, we’re doing this April 1st to May 31st! Two solid months, without super-major holidays (tax day doesn't count)! - The isolation: One of the hardest things about NaNoWriMo and Inktober (heck, one of the toughest things about being a writer, or other type of creator) is the isolation. More often than not, these are things that we do alone. So, we’re going to be using a buddy system to help with support and accountability (an accounta-bila-buddy, if you will). What is the buddy system, you might ask? (Shout out to Susie for putting this section together. I did make a few edits, but for the most part, this is her hard work - thank you, Susie!) Here's a handy-dandy guide to help you make the most of the peer support system (the accountabil-la-buddy system mentioned in previous communications). By checking in with your buddy regularly, you can help motivate one another to keep your momentum going and coach each other through difficulties that you may encounter along your adventure. 1. First step .... check out the Discussion board for more info (apparently there is a character limit here... *shrug*) https://www.meetup.com/Santa-Clara-Sci-Fi-Fantasy-Writers-Meetup/messages/boards/thread/52056060/0#[masked] ... Happy Adventuring! -Maya

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Topic TBD! But note it in your schedule that we'll be getting together. See you there! Maya

Create Your Own Adventure: Challenge! Week 3 & 4

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Hello Writers! This is the placeholder for the Create Your Own Adventure challenge - week 3 and 4 of 8 total weeks. Keep up the good work! Best, Maya

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