What we're about

Calling all women who are bound by the chains of worry, anxiety, stress, guilt and confidence issues! This is a bi-weekly or weekly support and therapy group for women who are ready to BREAK FREE from the emotional chains that sabotage your work, income, family, love life, happiness, health or fully living and thriving in life in general. I chose to create this group, because I was having to turn away women who truly desired help, but couldn't afford private sessions with me. In addition, I know what it's like to want help, but not able to afford it, which causes even more stress and anxiety. We will meet in my private office in Santa Clarita as group, where you will be educated, supported and given fun exercises to help you break from your issues of worry and step into a more confident and happy life. We will end every evening with a group hypnosis session. We will cover worry, stress, anxiety & confidence topics such as money, career, business, family, achievement, relationship, health, life, transitioning and so on and teach you breakthrough methods on not only how to relieve your worries, but how to improve your life and move forward with realistic and happy results.

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