What we're about

This group is for anyone interested in Data Science and Data Analytics. Whether you are a senior Data Scientist in a company or just someone interested to learn more about Data Science and Analytics, you are welcome to join!

We will meet to talk and discuss anything related to Data Science and Analytics. From interesting papers and cool new tools or applications, to jobs in the area and practical hacking skills useful for the everyday job.

Data Science and Analytics coupled with high performance computing are driving one of the most impactful technological revolutions in history. From Artificial Intelligence to Real Intelligence's ground breaking discoveries, it is all possible thanks to the bright people developing algorithms and tools that enable us to transform data into something useful. Lets meet and help each other succeed in such a challenge!

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Introduction to Convolutional Neural Networks With Emmanuel Leroy

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Fraud Prevention in Digital Lending

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Reinforcement Learning

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Time Series Forecasting and Networking... and Beer :)

New Bohemia Brewing Co.

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