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What is it?: Funny games like party ice-breakers mixed with discussion. The games are casual, non-embarrassing, gentle, and easy to play. No skills are needed. Just the ability to stand up, move about, and talk.

Why do that?: The games are designed to reveal things about how human social behavior works. They're designed to increase social awareness, confidence, effectiveness, and flexibility. Think of it as yoga for your mind.

Who are the workshops for?: Introverts. Rational people. Stressed people. Entrepreneurs. People who have to negotiate at work and would like new tools. Anyone who isn't 'stagey'. Anyone who'd like to learn more about how their brain works. Anyone who'd like to be making more money or building their business or career. People who like to laugh. People who'd like to be more charismatic.

Is this a hippy thing?: No, though hippies are extremely welcome. :) It's a science thing. The games are pulled from several backgrounds. The justification for the games is based in neuroscience.

What do I get out of it?: Better public speaking skills. Better negotiation skills. Increased confidence in social settings. Increased awareness of body language in yourself and others. Increased emotional poise and happiness.

How does it work?: Repeat exercises designed to flex your patterns of social interaction change how your amygdala gets tapped in social situations. This reduces the amount of cortisol in your blood, reducing your stress. The same patterns also increase your ability to consciously and seamlessly choose how present yourself to others, just as the same drills in a martial arts context increase your powers of self-defense. By doing the exercises week on week, you get stronger.

If this works so well, why haven't I heard of it before?: Because the techniques were developed within the last eight years, mostly at UCSC. While some games may be familiar, their usage in this context is not.

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