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Drum Journey Meditation with Justin Spyres, Donation
ABOUT: Through the rhythmic vibration of the frame drum, Justin will support you in deepening your connection with the earth and natural surroundings. The rhythm of the drum calms mental activity and soothes the nervous system so you can more easily feel grounded and cultivate inner stillness. The vibration of the drum supports the remembrance of innate wisdom you hold within yourself, allowing you to navigate with greater ease as you claim your rightful place and feel at home in your body here on the earth during these changing times. WHAT OTHERS ARE SAYING: "Justin holds a safe and sacred space for people to connect with and get familiar with that inner stillness and peace within. He has a strong connection with the frame drum and uses this connection to hold space for us as we journey deep within ourselves." The Drum Journey Supports: • Gently guiding the brain into relaxed states of theta • Harmonizing biological rhythms such as sleep cycles • Healing on an emotional and spiritual level • Connect you with your creativity and intuition • Calming the nervous system and reducing stress related hormones • Unwinding muscular tension DONATIONS WELCOME Location Details: Arana Gulch Park is right across from the Barn Studio. You will enter through a white trellis marked 104 B and walk through the garden, take a RIGHT. Upon entering the Barn Studio, the restroom will be to your direct left and the Large Studio up on your right, second door. Take off your shoes, take a deep breath and welcome yourself to relax. WHAT TO BRING: Water bottle

The Barn Studio

104B South Park Way · Santa Cruz, ca

What we're about

Hello everyone, I'm Justin the organizer and I'd like to send you a warm welcome to the Santa Cruz Healing Journeys in Nature group! Indeed, this is a safe, non-judgmental space where friends new and old can come together in community as we heal, learn and grow together.

It has become clear to so many that we are living in times of great uncertainty in which we can so easily become uncentered as challenges arise. Yet despite these often difficult challenges, there absolutely is a way to bring back a deeper sense of meaning, sacredness and joy in our daily lives.

That is the reason I created this group and the purpose in our events is quite simple:

To help you connect to a space of calm and stillness within yourself. And through that process, to understand more deeply the wisdom you hold within yourself so you can awaken to your highest potential and align with your soul's true purpose in this life.

That is my greatest wish for you and below are some of the activities we offer to support you on your life's journey:

• Guided drum journey meditations with the frame drum, an ancient and powerful tool that supports deep meditation in a way that is gentle and very effective in calming the mind.

• Nature walks that support you in connecting with those therapeutic qualities of the natural world as you feel more grounded and at home in your body.

• Inspired messages, ceremonial practices and multiple day trips to places of great natural beauty that support healing on an emotional and spiritual level in a group of like-minded friends.

I look forward to seeing you all soon as we join together in community for the healing of our species and the healing of our planet.

Your friend and guide,

Justin Spyres

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