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Meatless Monday Dinner - Eat Thai Food to Help the Environment

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Enjoy meat-less cuisine! Pacific Thai has exotic and flavorful soups, salads, spring rolls, curries, boba teas, Thai iced coffee and tea, and much more! (

This is a smaller restaurant with very good Thai food. Please be patient as they have a smaller kitchen than some of the other restaurants we've visited, but it's worth the wait!

Eating with friends is fun, and even more fun if you're helping the environment at the same time. Reducing animal product consumption helps to reduce your personal contribution to greenhouse gas emissions and climate forcers, including carbon dioxide, methane, black carbon (soot), nitrous oxide, and tropospheric ozone. Plus, eating more veggies is good for you!

RSVP required. We'll make a reservation, so please RSVP and show up if you plan to go. To make our events successful, remember that it's our group policy to remove people who have three no-shows.

Hope to see you there! Multiple meetup groups are attending. If you'd like to meet more people than you're seated next to, please feel free to walk around and introduce yourself. There will be people with a variety of eating styles at the event; all we ask is that everyone be respectful and kind to each other.

More Information About Meatless Monday

Here's more info about the international Meatless Monday campaign:

Here's a proclamation that the Santa Cruz County supervisors put together in support of Meatless Monday:

Here is the Meatless Monday Santa Cruz County Facebook page:

What Is Meat?

This question has been asked. For clarity, it is the flesh of animals (kingdom Animalia) as used for food. Feel free to look up this kingdom if you like; for example, it does include fish and various sea creatures.

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