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OK ladies. Enough already. How many amazing and talented Women do we know, who have their own businesses, but who are not really all that successful? Fabulous women! Smart women! Amazing women! --Many of us know a ton. We're guessing you probably know at least some. We have many friends who are women in business – from all across the country – and so many of them are not very successful - at least not monetarily. Why on earth is that? Well, we have a couple of theories why: 1 – When you have your own business, you have to do everything yourself. 2 – You may have little, to no help. 3 – If you find someone willing to give you help that may be of value, it often costs a ton of money. And we mean a ton. Hundreds. Thousands. And how many women, when they're starting a business, have a lot of extra money? Some women do. Many don't. So the odds are against us! Who the heck can be successful under these circumstances? Don't feel bad! It's hard! This is clearly evidenced by how many women are still struggling in their businesses. We propose a solution. Let's help each other. What does this mean? It means you finally get some help with your business - help you may have been wishing for. What this doesn't mean: This doesn't mean just a mastermind group where we all get together and talk about ideas, and about potential success, and talk about ways we WILL do things once we get out of that mastermind meeting. (Because unfortunately, some of us never actually do those things - ahem... we know who we are... ) Instead, we mean actually HELP each other. Right here, right now. Here is where we gather together, and help each other with what we need help with – right then and there, right on the spot. Seriously. Here we not only talk about it, but we actually do it. For instance, do you need help writing a flyer? Let's write it out then! Right Now. Do you need help managing or using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or social media in general? Let's help you do it. Right Now. Do you need to write text for your website? Do you need to edit pictures for it? Are you unsure of how to even go about starting a website in the first place? Let's get it going then! Do you need to write a speech or a talk? Or even a book? Run your ideas by us! Let us help you! We're not talking about simply lecturing to you, and then having you go home to do everything we taught you, all by yourself. No. We're talking about getting you the help you need. Right Now. Right Here. End of story.

We're talking about all of us receiving the 'down in the trenches', nitty-gritty help that we need. That we've needed for a long time. The help that we've been longing for. The help that will get us off of our “you know whats”, (our a***s!) and get us onto the path of action, and therefore SUCCESS. But help that will also be fun, because we have wonderful women around us who have the same most fabulous intention - For all of us to succeed. We're excited! Join us, and let's do this together!

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