What we're about

We are a community of women who are up to collaborating, connecting and creating empowered visions. Providing personal breakthroughs, healthy families, lifestyles that work, and peaceful communities.

What we provide is the following;
1. Supportive transformational education.
2. Engaging and connective networking.
3. Fun, creative and social events.
4. Learning collaborative ways to love ourselves unconditionally.
5. And much much more....

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Bernadine Rosso
Community Builder

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Align Yourself Powerfully with Your Values and Be Unstoppable!

DESIGNING A LIFE AND BUSINESS THAT EXPRESSES THE FULLNESS OF YOU IS NOT ALWAYS EASY! Most of us are caught up in the fullness of our time management and schedules ... rather than exploring the FULL POSSIBILITIES OF YOUR LIFE. This event gives you choice but also a pathway to having a full life while managing other facets successfully. RSVP to save your spot at our next Women Who Are Up To Something Event! Come join us for: -Learning tools and systems for making your life work for YOU! -Feeling productive and calm in the face of ANYTHING! -Being Inclusive of creativity to stay connected to your JOY! -Fulfilling EVERY area of life while moving towards dreams and goals! Bring a journal and water bottle to nurture yourself as you get insights and transformation. Come and get acquainted with your community of women who are up to something. Excited to meet you and hear what you're creating and where your passions long to be expanding... -Bernadine The Organizer

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