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Mercury Retrograde In Leo ...
Check back soon to see what topic we will discuss this week! "Mercury Retrograde In Leo And How It May Affect You And Others Via Transit Of Your Horoscope." We love astrology, and if you let us, we'll love you too. Happy learning!

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Do you love astrology? Then let's get together and talk about it! You can be a professional, an amateur or a sheer beginner. If you have a passion for any and all astrology-related topics, you've found the right place. Looking forward to meeting other astrology lovers in Santa Fe!

Please notice that we have a meetup each weekend, but they vary:

One is on alternating Sundays and is Beginner Friendly: we learn about astrology from each others' charts. Also this group decided on a "one conversation" format -- which simply means we stay on track with a discussion and allow one person to be heard at a time; people who wish to have a side conversation are asked to step to another table until their conversation is finished.

The other meetup is on alternating Saturdays. This is a lively group wherein beginners are also welcome but the conversation often moves from a slow trot to a full-speed gallop and may branch off into more advanced astrological perspectives.

You are welcome at both groups! Astrology may well be a "language of Love," and treated as such can be a wonderful healing modality for us.

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