What we're about

Are you a goddess rising? Are you interested in delving in to the mysteries of the Divine Feminine, maybe exploring heart-expansion through connecting with the moon phases, Shadow integration, goddess archetypes and mindfulness? Do you like getting messages from the Universe, setting a course of weekly or monthly focus through tarot and oracle card readings? Have you maybe read (or wanted to read) Women Who Run with the Wolves, Rise Sister Rise, Woman Most Wild, or Goddess Initiation, but are still struggling to fully unleash you inner wild woman? Do you ever feel like you haven't quite found your heart tribe, your soul sisters, or a group that fully supports you on your path? Do you ever feel that people find you just a little too witchy and weird with your altars, rituals, and crystal grids? ME TOO!

This group is for woman who are interested in finding that sacred sisterhood that helps them feel empowered, inspired, and supported on their journey to excavating their true self through gatherings, rituals, and paradigm-busting bad-assery. My vision for this group is to come together regularly (maybe weekly? monthly?) and collectively work through blocks that are holding us back from living the lives we dream to live. Together, we can pick a theme and each month explore ways to dive deeper into true soul purpose and open ourselves to greater manifestion of bliss.

Two things that are important about this meet up: One, that anyone who joins is willing to do self-work. We can sit and talk all day long, but change only happens when we shift our attitudes and behaviors. Two, that it be kid-friendly. I know far too many mamas who feel alienated from sisterhood tribes because they don't have the ability or resource to always find a babysitter, and if we want to bring more consciousness into the world, what better way to start than by including the younger generations?

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