What we're about

The science of Positive Reinforcement (R+) has transformed animal training into a humane and powerfully effective process of communication. We're horse people of any discipline, including riders, trainers, vets and amateur owners, who want to learn and share these techniques to improve the lives and motivation of our horses.

We focus on proven behavioral science techniques and reward-based training to develop relaxed attentiveness and delight in our equines' attitude toward their training. R+ can be used both under saddle and on the ground to improve every aspect of work and manners, from de-spooking to improving flying changes in dressage to teaching a zebra to do the hokey pokey.

If you are curious about Positive Reinforcement Training with horses, but worried that it might be yet another training gimmick, come and find out what it's really about.

No prior experience with positive reinforcement training is necessary.

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