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Heal intergenerational trauma using the powerful method of constellations.

Identity-oriented Psycho-trauma Theory (IoPT) is founded on the practice, research and theories developed by Professor Dr. Franz Ruppert over the past 27 years, and articulated in his books, five of which are available in English. The IoPT theory is based on a specific understanding of trauma, and psychological splitting as the means of surviving trauma. Cutting edge science is clear - trauma is experienced (though usually not remembered) by nearly all of us while in our most fragile and vulnerable state - gestation, birth and early infancy.

This model of constellations is trauma-informed. Family constellations have a lot of pieces in place, but they don't take into a account the person's physiological response to carrying a lineage of trauma. In order to get to living with full resiliency, we process the split-off parts from a resourced place.

People connect with their true identity, pre-even the earliest trauma, and find they are utterly free to live life in the flow.

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