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Saturday Potluck Dinner in West L.A., feat."The Sioux Chef's Indigenous Kitchen"
The idea behind Cookbook Club is a simple one—we all make recipes from the same book and gather to share the results, a crowdsourced feast. August will feature The Sioux Chef's Indigenous Kichen. North American cuisine was changed forever when its native peoples were relocated. Here, Sherman and Dooley showcase Native American cuisine, with some (much needed!) substitutions recommended for obscure ingredients. It won the James Beard Award. Have a question? Check out our FAQ here: What should we cook next time? Nominate a cookbook here: As with previous LACBC events: - Please post your dish of choice below at least 2 days before the event. - Please only choose dishes that can be served room temperature/cool or can be reheated in the microwave only, and remember to bring a serving spoon/utensil to serve your dish. - We have a strict no-show policy, so please keep your RSVP updated.

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The idea behind Cookbook Club is a simple one—we all make recipes from the same book and gather to share the results, a crowdsourced feast. So much better than a book club! Check out our event recaps at or follow us on Instagram @cookbookclubfun (

Inspired by an article on Serious Eats ( ), this takes the potluck to another level by letting us share in a common experience (one cookbook) while creating different dishes. We have two events per month, both cooking the same cookbook in two different locations. Got other questions? Check out our FAQ. (

Cookbook Club is Community

People in big cities can feel isolated. Cookbook Club was created as an opportunity to bring people together month after month. Nothing could be better than a group of people breaking bread and swapping stories around the dinner table.

A welcoming space
Cookbook Club strives to be a welcoming space. The more the merrier! Thank you to everyone for making a special effort to make sure that new comers feel welcome.

Easy is better than perfect
Cookbook Club is a space to explore new techniques, new dishes, new chefs. That means we’ll make some mistakes along the way, and that’s OK. The goal is to have fun and to try new things, even if a dish or two is a flop. Cookbook club should feel easy and fun. No one needs another chore to manage.

Diversity makes us better
We share a love of food and the people that it brings together. We are free to differ in every other way. We encourage different kinds of cookbooks, people from different ages and backgrounds, and visiting different parts of the city as we expand. We try fancy cookbooks and simple cookbooks, vegan dishes and whole hog. We even occasionally try beach BBQs and brewery-hosted events (coming soon!)

Hosts come first
Cookbook club doesn’t exist without space to host it. We depend entirely on volunteers to open their space up to strangers. It’s a tall order! In LA, we have the extra constraint of smaller spaces, making it even trickier. What the hosts want, the hosts get. We want them to be comfortable. This means respecting their limitations, making it easy for them to host, and protecting their privacy, to name a few.

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